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Sihanoukville, which is one of Cambodia's major expatriate destinations, provides a range of accommodation options at affordable prices.

Looking for accommodation in Sihanoukville? Find some information on its rental market in this article.

Sihanoukville, known as Kompong Som in Khmer, is probably where you would prefer to settle in Cambodia. In fact, being the country's major resort, it attracts expatriates in large numbers every year, not only for its beautiful white sand beaches where you can relax, swim and dive, but also for its modern infrastructure and many facilities that are available there.

As regards finding accommodation, it should not be a major issue as Sihanoukville offers a range of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. Your relocation in Cambodia could not be easier.

 Good to know:

Sihanoukville's economy is mainly driven by tourism. Thanks to its pleasant climate and lively environment, you will enjoy a peaceful lifestyle along with a lower cost of living than in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Types of accommodation

You are more likely to find rooms and individual houses for rent in Sihanoukville. Apartments are quite difficult to find. Make sure to keep yourself updated regarding the city's real estate market. However, rent prices in Sihanoukville are quite affordable. But beware! In some cases, prices can be higher for foreigners.

For instance, you can rent a two-bedroom house for some US$ 250. A good deal! Room prices are even lower.

Find accommodation

You are advised to start your accommodation search by registering with a real estate agency, especially if you are not yet acquainted with the Cambodian culture and you do not understand Khmer. In fact, the real estate agent will help you find accommodation according to your criteria and budget, and also try to negotiate the rent price with the owner. You may as well be able to make a few reasonable requests.

Otherwise, you can browse housing offers on the Internet thanks to several general and specialized housing websites and expatriate forums. If you are already on the spot, consider strolling around different neighborhoods to inquire about vacant housing units and their rent prices. You might be lucky, especially if you come across an expatriate who is willing to help you! Who knows?

 Good to know:

Lease documents are generally written in Khmer, but you can request for an English translation too, for a better understanding.

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