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What are the types of accommodation that are available in Siem Reap? What about rent prices? Find out in this article.

Located at some hundred kilometers from Phnom Penh, in the North-west of Cambodia, Siem Reap is one of the country's major cities. It is indeed a very lively and attractive region due to its beautiful landscapes, ancient colonial architecture, as well as its numerous places of interest. Siem Reap has thus been attracting expatriates in large numbers every year, especially those wishing to discover and enjoy its huge historical and cultural heritage.

Siem Reap is deemed to have a promising future. In fact, tourism has much contributed to its economic growth over the years with an increase in terms of infrastructure. So if you are moving there, finding accommodation should not be difficult.

Find accommodation

You can start your housing hunt by browsing offers on the Internet thanks to numerous general and specialized housing websites. If you are already on the spot, it is best to register with a real estate agency which can help you find accommodation according to your needs and budget more rapidly, and negotiate for additional facilities with the owner. Otherwise, you can stroll around different neighborhoods so as to identity vacant housing units.

Types of accommodation

You can find different types of accommodation in Siem Reap, namely hotels, hostels, apartments and houses. If you prefer to rent a hostel room, you will be glad to know that prices are more affordable during the low season, that is from June to September. During the peak season, on the other hand, that is from October to March, advance booking is advised.

Moreover, you can easily find apartments for rent almost anywhere in Siem Reap. Rent prices are rather affordable and can be negotiated with the owner, especially if you are going through a real estate agency. In fact, most foreigners in the city have preferred apartments.

Sub-letting is also quite common in Siem Reap. It is, in fact, a temporary solution till you manage to find a housing unit which matches your criteria. However, you must have an agreement with the sub-lessor according to which you will vacate the premises on the fixed date.


In general, lease contracts in Siem Reap have a six months to one year term. You are also required to pay a deposit, which is equal to a month's rent, as well as an advance. Note that rent prices can be negotiated with owners who will often lower the price so as to convince you to occupy the housing unit for a longer period. You can as well take over the lease of someone who is about the vacate the premises.

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