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Moving to Phnom Penh? Here are some tips to help you find accommodation in the Cambodian capital city.

Besides being a busy capital city, Phnom Penh also holds a rich cultural and historical heritage. So if you are moving to Cambodia, you will probably be settling there. In fact, Phnom Penh has been attracting foreigners in large numbers since many years. Therefore, finding accommodation will be one of your main priorities.

The Cambodian capital city is the region which provides the widest range of accommodation options. But make sure to choose the best one, according to your needs and budget.


Phnom Penh is divided into different neighborhoods, including residential, industrial and commercial areas. The most popular residential areas are the following: BKK 1, BKK 2, BKK 3, Central Market, Olympic Stadium, Riverside, Russian Market, Tonle Bassac and Toul Kork.

Types of accommodation

You are likely to find several types of accommodation in Phnom Penh, namely hotels, houses, apartments, etc. In general, hotels are furnished, decorated and provide facilities such as cable TV and Internet, linen, a kitchen, a concierge, as well as maintenance services. Electricity and parking fees are also included in the rent. However, hotel rooms are rather expensive.

You will also find standard and serviced apartments which you can rent for a long term. In general, the monthly rent for serviced apartment includes the appliances provided, kitchenware and linen, cable TV and Internet connection, as well as water and maintenance services. However, the electricity bill will be your responsibility.

In some regions, there are unfurnished apartments which are either found in typical apartment buildings or in villas which have been divided. In case you opt for this type of apartment, you will have to furnish and maintain it at your own expenses.

Finally, flat-sharing, which is now quite widespread in the country, is an ideal way to help you make savings in terms of rent.

Find accommodation

The best way to find accommodation according to your needs and budget is to register with a real estate agency, especially if you do not speak Khmer and English. Given that rent prices can be negotiated, the real estate agent can take care of that on your behalf. You can also request for some improvements such as a TV, fans, etc, as long as your demands remain within the reasonable limit.

 Good to know:

Agency fees are generally the owner's responsibility.

However, if you prefer to look for accommodation on your own, you can browse housing offers on the Internet and inquire on expatriate forums. If you are already in the country, you can even stroll around different neighborhoods to look for housing.

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Is it common practice for agent to ask for a bond, deposit or advance rental in addition to monthly payments?


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