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Wondering how to find a job in Tunisia? Here are some tips to guide you throughout your job search.

If you are planning to move to Tunisia, you will probably have to find a job. Finding a job in this North African country may not be an easy task given the complexity of the labor market and employment laws. However, the country provides several professional opportunities to qualified and skilled foreigners. So if you feel you have the right profile, take your time to inquire on relating conditions and procedures beforehand.


In general, temporary and permanent foreign workers are hired either via the National Employment Agency and Self Employment or via private employment agencies that have been set up by the Ministry of Professional Training, or even through spontaneous job applications, for instance. All candidates are advised to register at the National Employment Agency and Self Employment. Job applications and offers are then published in authorized media channels.

Employers are not obliged to hire candidates suggested by the employment agency. Candidates also are not obliged to accept jobs proposed by the employment agency. They may as well try to find a job on their own.

Labor code

According to Article 284 of the Tunisian labor code, candidates cannot be hired by any other person than the company's director or manager. Private and unauthorized employment agencies, whether these are paid or free of charge, are suppressed.

A director or manager may choose a delegate to take care of recruitment of staff. In this case, the delegate's first and last names, nationality and address have to be communicated to the public employment office or to the competent regional employment inspection office.

Employment contract

Foreigners wishing to work in Tunisia have to sign a labor contract and be in possession of a resident permit mentioning “autorisé à exercer un travail salarié en Tunisie”, that is their authorization to work in the country.

 Good to know:

Permanent residents who were born and who are living permanently in Tunisia are exempt from the labor contract requirement. However, they must be in possession of a resident permit mentioning “ autorisé à occuper un emploi salarié en Tunisie”, that is their authorization to work in the country according to the Article 271 of the Tunisian labor code.

In general, the labor contract is valid for a maximum of one year and is renewable once only. However, a foreign company many renew its foreign employees' contracts more than once provided it is operating within a development framework as approved by local authorities. The contract and its renewal then have to be approved by the Ministry of Employment.


Tunisian companies are allowed to hire foreign employees provided the required expertise is not available locally. However, the said expertise must be clearly mentioned in the employment contract.

Note that these regulations apply to all foreign workers with a few exceptions where the Ministry of Professional Training and Employment provides a certificate of non-requirement of visa for the employment contract.

Moreover, in accordance with Article 263 of the Tunisian labor code, foreign workers in Tunisia are entitled to the same rights and obligations as local workers as regards employment relations.

Find a job

Nowadays, networking is an essential tool when it comes to the job search. Indeed, your friends and contacts on the spot can definitely help you by getting you in touch with potential employers or other relating persons.

In case you don't know anyone yet in the country, why not turn to social networking? Indeed, professional social networks, employment blogs, expat forums, companies operating in Tunisia, etc, can also help you in some way.

Start by contacting major companies which may be providing opportunities according to your level of expertise, especially if you have particular qualifications and skills. Make sure to inquire on these companies (via online brochures, magazines, who is the Human Resource Manager, its major projects and annual turnover, etc). This will definitely be helpful when sending your job application or when you are called for an Interview.

You can also browsing general and specialized job websites (some of which are provided in the useful links below). If you have some knowledge of Arabic, consider checking out local newspapers such as Al Chourouk, l’Économiste, Assabah, among others. Most job ads are published in these newspapers.

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