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If you are moving to Tunisia, you will probably want to drive. Find out, in this article, whether you can use your original driver's license or you have to convert it.

Traveling around will definitely be part of your everyday life when moving to a foreign country. So when relocating in Tunisia, you will probably want to drive at some point of time. Make sure to inquire beforehand whether you can use your original driver's license or you have to exchange or convert it. You are also advised to inquire on relating conditions so that you can gather the required documents.

Driver's license

Exchanging your driver's license

If you already have a driver's license, you can use it for a maximum of one year. Thereafter, you have to exchange it against a Tunisian driver's license.

According to the Agence Technique des Transports Terrestres:

  • Your foreign driver's license must be valid and should not have been restricted, suspended, withdrawn or canceled in your home country.
  • You have to fill the minimum age requirement to be eligible to the Tunisian driver's license.
  • You must not suffer from any handicap or disease which will make you ineligible to obtaining the driver's license.
  • You must have lived in the country for at least 6 months. The request has to be made at within a year following your date of entry into the country.
  • You are required to authenticate your driver's license with relevant foreign authorities to be eligible to the services provided by the ATTT.

Authenticating your driver's license

You are required to call in person to request for the authentication of your driver's license by filling the following steps:

  • duly fill and sign the “demande de transformation d’un permis de conduire étranger” form provided by the ATTT
  • produce 2 copies of your foreign driver's license
  • produce an official translation of you driver's license if it has not been issued in Arabic or French
  • produce a copy of your resident permit or any other equivalent document
  • produce evidence pertaining to your latest entry into the country.

Converting your driver's license

Once your driver's license has been authenticated, you are required to produce:

  • your original driver's license along with an official translation in Arabic if it has not been issued in Arabic or French
  • a medical certificate according to the Tunisian model, issued within a maximum of 3 months
  • two recent passport-size identity photos
  • the fee payment receipt (18 Tunisian dinars) or a justification for exemption.

Applying for a driver's license

For detailed information on the Tunisian driver's license, refer to the Agence Technique des Transports Terrestres website. Find more information in the useful links provided below. Once you have mastered the issue and you have gathered all required documents, nothing can stop you from obtaining your driver's license for a completely serene expat experience.

Road infrastructure

The Tunisian road network is as modern and developed as that of major European cities. Highways are rarely congested. You will also find many new roads where you will clearly enjoy driving while getting acquainted with local driving habits.

The highway code is quite similar to that of a some European countries.

Speed, for its part, is limited at 110 km/h on the highway, 50 km/h in city centers and 90 km/h on main roads.

Note that traffic lights go orange before going green. You are advised to pay attention to this timeout, even if drivers are honking behind you.

Pedestrians have the priority on the road and will make it obvious to drivers. Be careful, especially while driving in city centers.

Regular driver's will advise you to adapt your driving habits and to be twice as careful when driving in Tunisia, especially due to the fact that many local drivers hardly apply the highway code. Hence, take all necessary precautions.

 Good to know:

Pay a particular attention to other vehicles at night, especially bikes and carts which are poorly or hardly lit.

Avoid following public transport such as collective taxis which are likely to stop abruptly anywhere without warning the vehicles behind them.

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