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Looking for accommodation in Sfax? Below are some useful tips to help you get started.

Nicknamed the "Southern Capital City", Sfax is the second Tunisian metropolis and the major economic hub. Famous for its economic dynamism and its huge infrastructure, it has been attracting many expatriates, including professionals, students and tourist, over the years by providing various opportunities as well as a harmonious living environment.

Sfax hosts not only a wide transport network and road infrastructure which connect it to the rest of the country but also shopping malls, universities, an international airport and a commercial port, among others.

As a whole, the city has a great human potential thanks to which it has been chosen to host a major national technology center, specialized in information and technology and multimedia. Indeed, Sfax has made its place within the African and Mediterranean region.


Most of the city's residential neighborhoods are found in its periphery. As apartments are quite scarce, you will rather find villas. Note that Sfax is divided into 16 distinct zones known as delegations. These are Agareb, Bir Ali Ben Khalifa, El Amra, El Hencha, Graïba, Jebiniana, Kerkennah, Mahrès, Menzel Chaker, Sakiet Eddaïer, Sakiet Ezzit, West Sfax (more developed and dynamic in several fields), South Sfax, Sfax City center, Skhira and Thyna.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Sfax are quite high compared to other Tunisian cities. You will thus need an average of 500 dinars per month to rent a studio in a residential neighborhood and around 700 dinars per month for a three-bedroom apartment.

For a five-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of 1,000 dinars per month. If you prefer to rent a villa, count an average of 1,500 dinars per month.

Find accommodation

Finding accommodation can be quite a difficult task in Sfax given that it is above all a tourist city. You should probably start by seeking the help of a real estate agency, especially if you are searching remotely. You can also check out offers available on the Internet or in local newspapers.

If you have friends, relatives or contacts on the spot, word of mouth may also be a useful search tool. Being accompanied by an Arabic-speaking person during your search on the spot will also be a considerable advantage.

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