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Located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban is the 3rd most prosperous South African city, providing many opportunities to foreign professionals.

Looking for a job in Durban? Find out how to proceed in this article.

Being one of South Africa's richest and most prosperous cities, Durban is very open towards expatriates. Indeed, thanks to its developed and diversified economy, it provides a range of professional opportunities in several fields. In fact, Durban is known to be the major economic hub of the KwaZulu-Natal province. So if you are planning to relocate there, you shall not have much trouble in finding a job provided you have high qualifications and skills.


Durban is deemed to be the biggest center in the Indian Ocean. It is also South Africa's biggest import and export hub. It's economy heavily relies on industry and tourism. Note that Durban is the country's second biggest manufacturing hub after Johannesburg.

The tertiary sector, as well as industry, services and tourism are considered as being the most promising fields for foreign professionals in Durban. Moreover, call centers and the engineering sector hire a large number of foreigners.

Labor market

Durban's labor market is a bit restricted compared to that of Pretoria and Johannesburg as it does not experience professional migration. Indeed, qualified locals tend to seek opportunities in the city itself rather than turning to other major cities. Thus, companies operating in Durban have to prove that the required skills were not available locally during the recruitment of a foreign professional.

In all cases, you have more chances of being hired in Durban if you known at least one foreign language besides English.

Find a job

You will probably start your job search in Durban on the Internet. Feel free to browse the different general and specialized job websites, as well professional social networks and other virtual platforms. Consider checking out classified ads in local newspapers such as The Mercury and Daily News as well. These publish a special professional edition every week.

Durban also has a news portal on which the city's vacancies are advertised. So why not try your luck?

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