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If you are looking forward to settle and work in Pretoria, below is what you need to know about its economy and labor market.

One of the three South African capital cities, Pretoria is a very dynamic and bustling city that attracts many foreign nationals every year. By moving to Pretoria, you will be entitled to several advantages, especially exposure to a multicultural environment and a vibrant economy providing various career prospects. Thanks to the presence of its international airport, Pretoria is also very popular with tourists visiting the country all year round.

The city also hosts one of the country's biggest and most prestigious universities, the UNISA, as well as the University of Pretoria, which welcome thousands of foreign students every year.

 Good to know:

English is widely spoken in Pretoria, despite the presence of Afrikaans, due to high tourist activities. Therefore, you will not have to face any language barrier when moving there.


Pretoria's economy is mainly driven by industry, tourism and education which, in fact, are the main job providers. Automotive construction is also quite developed thanks to the presence of Nissan and Ford factories, among others, followed by steel and metal production.

As a student city, Pretoria also provides many career prospects in the higher education sector. So why not try your luck if you have the required qualifications and skills? Tourism is another rapidly growing sector.

Find a job

If you wish to work in the higher education sector, consider sending spontaneous job applications to Pretoria's universities and other higher education institutions. Some of these also advertise vacancies on their websites.

You can also check out classified ads in online local newspapers such as The Star. Finally, you can browse job ads on general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks and other virtual platforms.

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