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If you are moving to Johannesburg, whether as a tourist or to work, finding accommodation will be one of your priorities. But how to proceed? Find out in this article.

Johannesburg is a popular tourist destination, and staying in the city can be a wonderfully exciting holiday. It is also a good location for those seeking work or business in South Africa, and this means that there are a range of expats who need help in order to get what they want. Being able to find the right accommodation is an essential part of ensuring the success of the trip, regardless of whether that is part of a vacation, or for business or work purposes, or simply the choice of location for those staying in South Africa for longer periods.

How to proceed

The first step in finding accommodation anywhere in South Africa is always to consider the budget. Living expenses are on the rise all over the world, and this can have an effect on how much the expat has to spend on their hotel, house or apartment. It is sometimes possible to find cheaper alternatives to the large, 5-star hotels, particularly if it is only for a few nights, and expats often use these cheaper hotels as a stopping point while finding a rental property. Keeping away from obvious tourist locations will also be a benefit, as rooms can be more costly the closer they are to the city center, or to particular attractions. Researching websites for offers is a good place to start finding a lower-cost accommodation option.

Most expats in Johannesburg choose to rent, and as a result there are some limits to available properties in the area. Prices are also higher than the South African average, although still cheaper than major cities such as London or New York. Renters may choose to move into one of the suburbs of Johannesburg, including areas such as Sandton, Kyalami and Dainfern, all of which provide easy access to the city without having to pay heavy prices.

Expats should also research local property agents. Some will always provide more reasonable rates, while others may charge too high a price for very similar apartments. This has been caused, in part, by a high demand for similar rental properties in the mid-priced range, but expats also need to consider the benefits of bigger homes or secure estates. These bigger homes often have spare rooms or live-in options for maids, which may not be needed by an expat family. Cheaper alternatives can be obtained by cutting back on these extra rooms.

Find accommodation

Renting out a room or living in bed-and-breakfast accommodation is not practical for expats, and so larger apartments are really the only option. Online searches can help in this issue, but it is also important to find these rental properties through footwork. Property agents may be able to help, but with visitors there may be extra requirements, such as maintenance and housekeeping, which could be better managed by travel experts, rather than those who deal with the property itself. Experts in the area can also help to advise travelers about the best areas in the city, and the perfect location for their accommodation.

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