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Durban is the third largest South African city. It has become more and more popular over recent years due to its tourism aspect.

Are you looking for a job in Durban? This South African city's labor market is quite open to foreigners.

Durban was once the most ignored city in South Africa, despite the fact that it is the third largest city in the country. Until very recently, it was completely overshadowed by the major cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg, and for experts Pretoria was also more important than Durban. It is estimated at having a population in excess of 3 million, making it one of the biggest cities on the West side of Africa. Located further west than any of the other major cities in South Africa, Durban is an exceptionally busy port, with a great deal of traffic coming from other parts of Africa and from India. It has also recently become a popular source of tourism, thanks to its attractive beaches, and many expats choose to work in this city.


As Durban has become more popular with visitors hoping to see its beaches, Durban has also developed other attractions for expats. Foreign nationals can work at any of the many tourist locations, including the Victoria Embankment or one of the sporting stadiums close by. There is also a large casino and entertainment centre close to which will provide opportunities to visitors experienced in these industries. Bilingual tourists are also likely to be able to find employment in these districts. The best place to find these types of jobs are in the local papers, or in the local services website. Agents may also be able to place expats into tourist spots if the latter have the right skill.

The proximity of the port to Durban's city centre has also encouraged a large number of industries to spring up. Work on the docks is available, and is usually a no-experience required job. Pickers for stock, and packers to work alongside them, are also in demand in the area, and there is no need to have particular skills. These are the ideal jobs for those working in the industry already, or for expats who want a part-time job in order to fund their stay in South Africa.

Labor market

Durban is also one of the few cities in South Africa with a strong manufacturing economy. The city has a large port which feeds these industries, and so there is a high uptake of workers in construction, building and engineering. There are also basic jobs working in the admin and clerical positions in factories and manufacturing sites which would suit younger workers, or those with few qualifications in specific industries. These jobs can be found through agencies, in the main, although directly applying to companies can also achieve positive results.

Some of the most commonly found jobs in Durban are involved working in sales, or in managerial role. There is a strong demand for administrative managers corresponding to the need for admin staff and customer service teams. Retail and wholesale sales jobs are also available in Durban, with sales reps being the most in demand. Workers with experience and skills in these areas may find it easier to apply directly to companies, while first timers should consult agencies, jobs papers, and online ads.

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