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Wondering where you are going to stay in Saint Louis? Find out more about housing in Saint Louis in this article.

Formerly known as the Senegalese capital city, Saint-Louis, or Ndar in Wolof, has rapidly been subsided by Dakar. The city is very welcoming towards foreigners thanks to its beautiful landscape, as well as its rich history. In fact, Saint-Louis has a more than 350 years old history, dating from the French colonization period. Hence its administrative and economic importance nowadays. It is only after the country achieved independence that other cities started developing.

 Good to know:

Saint-Louis is nicknamed the African Venice for its location on the Senegal river's mouth.


Saint-Louis has been declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO in 2000 thanks to its unique colonial architecture. However, the city has greatly been urbanized recently through several development projects. It is also very active in political and economic terms.

In fact, ancient warehouses have now given way to shops, bars, restaurants, etc., thus contributing to tourism. Note that Saint-Louis consists of three main neighborhoods: Periphery and Sor which are occupied at 60%, Langue de Barbarie which is occupied at some 25% and the island which is occupied at more than 15%.

Note that there is no specific residential neighborhood in Saint-Louis Louis, but you are likely to find houses with garden s in Vauvert and Sor, as well as around the city center.


Being an expatriate does not necessarily mean that you have a lot of money to be spent on rent. Beware! Many landlords and even real estate agencies in Saint-Louis often express prices in euros, whether for furnished or unfurnished, new or old housing units. Hence, you are advised to inquire on the types of accommodation available there and on rent prices advertised before moving. Moreover, pictures displayed on the Internet can often be misleading. Therefore, make sure to have visited the accommodation before taking a decision.

You should also make sure that the housing unit is equipped with air conditioning, which will be necessary during the rainy season in summer, as well as in winter. If the house has window bars, you are advised to hire a security guard so that you can sleep soundly at night.

Find accommodation

Finding accommodation in Saint-Louis can be a difficult task due to lack of offers. Hence, you will have to be patient. Registering with a real estate agency may help you find accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly. You can also search for housing on the Internet if you are not yet in the country.

 Good to know:

In case you are seeking the assistance of a real estate agency, you will have to provide 10% of the annual rent. Otherwise, landlords can request for an advance payment of three months rent consisting of 40% of monthly charges.

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