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Do you dream of settling and purchasing property in Senegal? But how to proceed? Find out in this article.

If you have fallen under the spell of Senegal, the land of Terranga, you will perhaps want to purchase a property there. In fact, Senegal is undeniably a country which attracts thousands of foreigners every year not only for its culture but also for its population’s legendary hospitality and generosity. So if you wish to settle down there, buying a property could be the ideal solution to allow you make savings in terms of rent.

 Good to know:

Real estate regulations in Senegal are quite similar to those observed in France. So if you come from a European Union country, you should not have much trouble in understanding these, despite some subtleties.

The owner

For a successful transaction, you are advised to tackle all related transactions with transparency. Hence, it is best to inquire about the owner and on the property before proceeding further. You can as well hire a lawyer to deal with the owner on your behalf and to make sure to obtain all legal and truthful documents regarding the following:

  • the owners complete identity, including his identity card
  • if the latter is the property's real owner
  • how he became the owner
  • the price paid during the purchase
  • the owner's marital status (under which community if married and any spousal consent where it applies).

The property

You should also be aware of any current real estate interest on the property, that is mortgage, easement, lease, etc. This document can be obtained at the Land Conservation Office by your notary or by you personally. Moreover, inquire about the property's current status, whether it is free for sale or occupied. In case it is occupied, feel free to request a copy of the current and previous lease document and or any proof or payment. Having an idea about the average rent prices applied in the neighborhood should also enlighten you.

 Good to know:

Make sure to inquire why the owner intends to sell his property and if he has already reimbursed the guarantee payment to the tenants before they vacate the property.


Finally, you should be aware of the property's tax situation. In fact, tax and associated fees which have not been settled by the owner may result in the suspension of the agreement sale. Not undertaking this step could result in getting swindled by a crook.

Becoming an owner

Becoming an owner in Senegal implies obtaining a very long leasehold. In fact, the land you are purchasing is not likely to become your sole property. You are rather authorized by the State to use it.

Once you have understood all the above-mentioned implications, you can sign the sale agreement before a notary. You are not required to pay any amount at that point of time, except some 40,000 representing transaction fees.

If you have sufficient funds to conclude the purchase, you can then sign the final sales agreement before the notary. The notary will play the intermediate role between you and the owner.

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