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Traveling to Senegal is not a difficult process in itself. You should, above all, be aware of formalities that have to be filled in.

If you are about to travel to Senegal, here is some information regarding procedures to follow.

Like most countries, Senegal also has some regulations regarding the entry and exit of travelers on its territory. So if you intend to move there, whether for a long or short term, it is best to be aware of these regulations and conditions beforehand.


Minors traveling to Senegal with only one parent must have a written authorization from the absent parent saying he or she agrees with this trip.

 Good to know:

An applicant may send a third person fetch his visa. The latter is required to produce the original registration receipt, as well as a power of attorney signed by the applicant and a photocopy of his identity card.


If you are traveling to Senegal by land, the following land border posts have necessary equipment for visa issuance, except those of Massala (Musala), Koundara (Guinea) and Medina Gounass.

Fees of some 50 euros apply for the biometric visa issuance. Some 2,5 to 5 euros also apply for bank charges and are refunded in case of refusal.

Multiple entry visas have to be requested at the Foreigners and Travel Documents Police Department. This also applies to residents with a valid foreign identity card. As regards bi-national Senegalese traveling with foreign passports, they are exempt from the visa requirement if they have a valid Senegalese passport or identity card.

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