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If you are looking forward to work in Senegal, here is some information to guide you throughout your job search.

Senegal has been attracting for many years many foreign professionals worldwide. In fact, the country offers career prospects in various fields thanks to its developing economy and its open labor market. However, there is a fierce competition between them and locals who are also very qualified and competent as many of them have studied abroad, mainly in Europe. But you still have great chances of being hired provided you have the skills required by the labor market.

You are also advised to inquire about conditions and requirements related to working in Senegal beforehand. You will most probably need a visa to be authorized to work in the country.


If you are going to work in Senegal for a long term, it is best to apply for a resident permit which will allow you to obtain a foreigners identity card. You will first enter the country with a valid passport and a biometric visa (unless you have been naturalized in a CEDECAO country). Note that the visa has to be requested from the Senegalese consulate or embassy in your home country.

Once you are on the spot, you can apply for a resident permit which will be valid for 5 years. The request has to be made at the Foreigners and Travel Documents Police Department located in Dakar:

Dieuppeul - Driveway Sérigne Ababacar Sy

Phone: 33 869 30 01/33 864 51 26 (open from Monday to Friday as from 8am to 1.30pm and from 2.30 to 5pm).

If you have moved to another city, contact the nearest police station to your place of residence. Documents to be produced are the following:

  • your original passport along with a certified photocopy of the pages containing your photo, its expiry date and the arrival stamp in Senegal
  • a handwritten request for residence permit to the Minister of the Interior
  • a birth certificate issued less than six months prior to your arrival
  • a criminal record issued in your home country
  • a medical certificate issued by a licensed doctor in Senegal
  • 3 passport-size identity photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
  • documents proving your financial stability throughout your stay in Senegal
  • a CFA 15,000 stamp
  • the repatriation deposit payment receipt.

The resident permit should be issued within six months to a year. In the meantime, you can use the receipt issued which will be valid for six months and renewable in case the permit is not ready at the end of the defined period.

Labor market

You are more likely to be hired in the following fields in Senegal: information and communication technology, engineering, industry, construction, commerce, as well as administrative and financial departments. Note, however, that locals are deemed to be a cheaper workforce compared to foreigners. Hence, the fierce competition prevailing over the local labor market.

Nevertheless, many local companies prefer to hire foreign professionals having a sharp profile in particular fields. However, you should expect lower wages than one would receive in most European and American countries.

 Good to know:

Like in many countries, some jobs are restricted to locals only, such as accounting, architect, police jobs, etc.

Working conditions

The legal working week in Senegal consists of 40 hours.

The minimum salary for an expatriate starts as from CFA 209.10 per hour.

Foreign employees have to pay a 6% income tax rate on their salary.

Find a job

Unless you have been transferred for a mission by your company to its Senegalese branch, there are various ways to find a job in Senegal. In fact, you can start your job search on the Internet and in local newspapers if you are already on the spot. Word of mouth and networking should also help if you have friends or contacts in the country.

Moreover, consider sending spontaneous job applications to major companies operating in the country.

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