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If you are moving to Saint Louis, finding a job will be one of your priorities. Find an overview of its economy and labor market in this city.

Saint Louis is mainly known as being one of Senegal's biggest cities. But if you intend to move there, it is best to be aware of its economic situation as well as of its labor market's requirements. In general, Saint Louis is open towards foreign expertise. Hence, you should not have much trouble in finding a job there provided you have the right profile.

 Good to know:

Saint Louis is also a famous historical and cultural city, having been classified as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2000. Its landscape mainly consists of a colonial architecture. In fact, Saint Louis was formerly Senegal's capital city before it was replaced by Dakar.


Saint Louis' economy is based on three major pillars, namely fishing, tourism and trade. Most of the city's activities are carried out around the Langue de Barbarie district. Note that tourism is especially important due to the city's ancient and incomparable architectural heritage. In fact, tourists travel there in large numbers every year to visit its numerous places of interest.

Finally, local authorities have started a renovation project so as to turn many unused warehouses into shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

Find a job

In general, many foreigners are transferred to Saint Louis via their company to its Senegalese subsidiary. But if it is not your case, you can still find a job in the city via many channels, namely Internet and local newspapers.

Consider sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the city. You might be lucky!

 Good to know:

You are more likely to be hired in the tourism and trade fields if you have the skills and qualifications required locally.

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