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If you intend to settle in Ziguinchor, finding a job will be one of your priorities. Here is how to proceed.

Stretching over some 7,339 km², Ziguinchor is found in the West-Casamance, in South-west Senegal. The city is adjacent to Gambia in the North, Guinea Bissau in the South, Kolda and Sedhiou regions in the East and the Atlantic Ocean in the West. Thus, Ziguinchor is deemed to be an ideal trade hub thanks to its location and its port.

Ziguinchor is also divided into 3 departments which are Bignona, Oussouye and Ziguinchor, 8 districts, 5 towns, 25 rural communities and nearly 502 villages.


The city's economy relies mainly on agriculture, tourism and its forest resources. But you can also find many European and American companies which have successfully set up there, hence increasing competition. In fact, local authorities are very favorable to foreign investment so as to further boost its economy.

In terms of employment, foreigners are more likely to be hired in agriculture, agroindustry and tourism.

 Good to know:

Health care professionals are also likely to be hired in the medical field thanks its hospital which is found in Emile Badiane street. It can be contacted on the 221 33 991 11 54.

Find a job

You are completely wrong if you think Ziguinchor offers few employment opportunities. Many career prospects are available there if you go through appropriate channels. For instance, you can seek the help of the region's Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture so as to get in touch with companies operating there. Consider sending spontaneous job applications to companies in which you might be interested.

However, you are not likely to find recruitment agencies in Ziguinchor. So Internet, via job websites and professional social networks can be interesting search tools.

You can as well turn to the Assane Seck University which often offers career prospects in the following fields along with quality education: science and technology, economic and social sciences, arts and humanities, as well as health sciences.

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