Getting married in Morocco


Do you dream of getting married in the enchanting setting of Morocco, in Marrakesh or Casablanca? Here is information on the formalities.

If you want to get married in Morocco, there are different steps and a variety of procedures to follow. These can be quite long and tedious, depending on your nationality. Note that mixed nationality marriages are very common in Morocco. You must seek information from your consulate or embassy, as well as with the Moroccan authorities before proceeding.


First of all, you must obtain a certificate of legal capacity to marry. This document is essential, regardless of your nationality. To obtain it, you must provide several documents to your consulate in Morocco, including your criminal record, proof of residence such as bills, a complete copy of your birth certificate, proof of citizenship, copies of your passport and passport size photos. Proof of address or proof of accommodation may be requested.

If your future spouse is a Moroccan citizen, he will need to produce his birth certificate, a residence certificate, a certificate of celibacy, a copy of his national identity card and a passport size photo. When you apply for a marriage certificate, you will receive a questionnaire you will have to complete duly, as well as a booklet on marriage. Your future spouse must file a copy of her mother's national identity card.

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You will be interviewed, along with your future spouse in order to determine the true nature of your wedding. Note that white wedding files will be automatically rejected.

Then, the consulate or embassy will proceed with the publication of bans which will determine that there is no objection to your marriage. The bans will be published in your country of residence to the nearest town hall to your home during 10 days. However, procedures can be longer. You may receive your certificate of legal capacity to marry after two months.

Celebrating the marriage

To be married on the Moroccan territory, you must obtain permission from local authorities. To do so, you must make a request to the Prosecutor of the King. In fact, you should first consult the Adoul, or officiant, who will celebrate your wedding. Once your file up, you will go to the family court again before the public prosecutor and to the prefecture of police will investigate about your marriage application.

Once these formalities are completed, you will get the approval of the family court for your wedding.

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Public Service Morocco

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Small earth, Mauritius
2 weeks ago

Last year I visited Morocco Casablanca and I liked that place very much and got impressed by their culture and hospitality since I had a short stay I couldn't meet lots of people or had a chance to make some friends. Since that visit I decided that I want to be part of that beautiful culture and people, that's why I'm posting here that I'm interested to accept a legitimate marriage proposal from a descent and educated family and of course she will be living with me here in USA and would have frequent visits to Morocco each year Innsha'Allah.

4 months ago

My fiance is Moroccan..Muslim.. I am American..Christian...we have known each other and love each other very much for 3 years..our K-1 Fiance Visa petIition was sent back to USCIS for "further" review so we want to get married in Morocco...I have read all the information I can about the steps and documents needed...I have read here of successful mixed marriages and would like to know if anyone else has had success with marriage process and realistically how much time I need to expect to take from start of to day we marry...thanks so much

last month

It has been 3 month since your post. So tell me did you get married to Moroccan woman yet. Share with my your experience. Thanks

7 months ago

i want to marry in morocco , could someone tell me for how long i have to stay there and if i can send some of my papers to my future wife who isfrom morocco to start the procedures? thx


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