Labor market in Morocco


Are you looking for a job in Morocco? Thousands of expats come to Morocco to work every year. Find below all you need to know on the Moroccan labor market.

Given the fiscal conditions and the cost of local labor in Morocco, many foreign companies have settled in the country. Several call centers have also opened in the country. The main employment areas are located in Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir and Casablanca.


There is a minimum wage in Morocco, called “Interprofessional Minimum Guaranteed Wage” amounting to 12,24 dirhams per hour. The average wage in Morocco is about 4000 dirhams per month gross.

Working hours in Morocco

In Morocco, the legal working time amounts to 44 hours per week in most companies and 48 hours in the agricultural sector.

Paid holidays

The duration of paid leaves varies according to the worker's age and the length of service in the company.

Find a job in Morocco

Here are some links to websites of reference to effectively find a job in Morocco:

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Tip Top Job
3W Jobs
Marok Vacancy
Career Builder

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