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Are you moving to Morocco? Here is some information that will be useful during your travel.

To travel to Morocco on holidays or for a short stay of less than 3 months, a single valid passport is required for nationals of some sixty countries listed below:

Algeria Hong Kong Peru
Andorra Hungary Philippines
Argentina Iceland Poland
Australia Indonesia Puerto Rico
Austria Ireland Qatar
Bahrain Italy Romania
Belgium Ivory Coast Russian Federation
Brazil Japan Saudi Arabia
Bulgaria Kuwait Senegal
Canada Latvia Singapore (One month without visa)
Chile Libya Slovakia
Congo (Brazaville) Liechtenstein Slovenia
Croatia Lithuania South Korea
Cyprus Luxemburg Spain
Czech Republic Mali Sweden
Denmark Malta Switzerland
Estonia Mexico Tunisia
Finland Monaco Turkey
France Netherlands United Arab Emirates
Germany New Zealand United States of America
Great Britain Niger Venezuela
Greece Norway  
Guinea (Conakry) Oman  

If you wish to extend your stay in Morocco, you can request an extension of stay from the Directorate General of the Moroccan National Security.

  Good to know:

Your national ID card may not be recognized in Morocco.

If your country is not on the list of nationalities exempted from visa, you have to contact the Morocco embassy or consulate nearest to your area for more information about obtaining a visa, which is more likely to be a tourist visa. You will need to produce a duly filled and signed application form, your original passport as well as a copy of the first page and a copy of your legal status in your country of origin and two passport size color pictures of you.

You may also need other documents such as a copy of your detailed provisional flight itinerary, an employment certificate from your actual or previous employer. If you are a student, you will need a confirmation letter from the college or university you will be attending. If you are moving to Morocco to set up a business, you will need to produce a copy of your last income tax.

You are advised to subscribe to a travel insurance during your trip to Morocco.

  Useful links:

Morocco Embassy in the United Kingdom
Visa application form for British citizens
Morocco Embassy in the United States
Royal Air Morocco

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