Landlines, mobile phones and Internet in Mauritius


Wondering how to keep in touch with your friends and family during your stay in Mauritius? Here's how to get a landline and a mobile phone, and how to connect to the Internet.


In Mauritius, telecommunication services are provided by the Mauritius Telecom (MT). In general, houses, apartments, and commercial premises have a fixed telephone line already installed. If this is not the case, an application can be made to the nearest MT Branch. The installation takes from 15 days to three weeks. Costs (excluding VAT) range from Rs 2,000 for individuals to Rs 3,000 for businesses. If the telephone line is installed outside of office hours, an additional fee of Rs. 500 is added to the standard fee, and the amount is included in the first bill.

A security deposit is also required: Rs 5,000 for individuals and Rs 2,000 for businesses. The rental of the device (optional) costs Rs 1,000 while the monthly subscription costs Rs 90 for individuals and Rs 225 for businesses.

To subscribe, you will need to produce the following documents:

  • an installation application form
  • a passport
  • proof of address


Three service providers share the flourishing mobile phone market in Mauritius: Emtel, MyT, and Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Limited (Chili). They offer monthly packages and prepaid cards, which are very popular among Mauritians. You will find branches of these service providers in major shopping malls and city centres.

To obtain a monthly package, go directly to the approved shop with an identity card and proof of address.

Internet in Mauritius

Mauritius is currently served by four operators; the leading provider is Mauritius Telecom, which offers a wide range of services for both individuals and businesses (MyT, ADSL, Wi-Fi, etc.).

The requirements are simple — you need to fill an application form, go to the provider of your choice with copies of your Occupation Permit or Residence Permit and your passport. You must also obtain written authorisation from the owner of the telephone line (if it’s other than you), confirming you can use it. To verify the eligibility for your line call 8902.

For an ADSL subscription, the rates (VAT included) range from Rs. 699 for 512 Kbps, Rs. 799 for 1 Mbps, Rs. 1,349 for 2 Mbps, and Rs. 2,349 for 4 Mbps. If you chose to subscribe to MyT, the monthly rates range from Rs. 999 for 10 Mbps, Rs. 1,549 for 20 Mbps, Rs. 2,049 for 30 Mbps, and Rs. 4,049 for 100 Mbps.

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