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The Work Permit authorises a foreigner to work in Mauritius. However, there’s a difference between an Occupation Permit and a Work Permit.

The Work Permit is required for foreign workers aged between 20 and 60 years old, who have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience to undertake the roles of managers, supervisors, technicians, or as part of a skilled group in the fields of construction or textile.

Nevertheless, some foreign professionals are exempted from obtaining a Work Permit. In the case of exemption, the employee must obtain the exemption certificate from the Employment Division of the Ministry of Labour. If workers are earning less than Rs 30,000 per month, the employer must produce a

Contract of Employment (COE), which must be verified and stamped by the Labour Division of the Ministry of Labour. The request for a Work Permit can be made on the website of the Work Permit Unit.


To be eligible for a Work Permit, the expatriate must not be married to a Mauritian citizen and must arrive in Mauritius to occupy a specific full-time job position for an employer based in the country. The Work Permit is specific to the applicant, and can’t be transferred from a previous Work Permit holder.

An international company requesting a Work Permit for a foreign worker must be registered in Mauritius as a foreign branch by the Company Laws of Mauritius.

Recruitment agencies are not allowed to submit the Work Permit application on behalf of a company. A company applying for a Work Permit for the first time should provide the following documents:

  • A certified copy of the company’s bylaws
  • The duly filled application form

A company willing to recruit qualified expatriates must first make a formal request and obtain an In-Principle Approval to do so. Only then can the company apply for a Work Permit with the Employment Division.


Currently, models and professional artists from the theatre, audio-visual, photography, television, and music fields do not require a Work Permit to be able to work in Mauritius, as long as their stay does not exceed 90 consecutive days in one year. For any other profession, the employee must apply for a Work and Residence Permit at the Employment Division.

The application should comprise of the following documents:

  • The duly completed application form
  • The duly completed data sheet
  • Four passport-sized photos (ideally 4.5 x 3.5cm taken on a clear background)
  • A copy of the data pages of the passport (containing the name, date and place of birth, passport number, and photo)
  • Certified copies of the employee’s academic and professional qualifications
  • Details of the employee’s previous work experience (either in English or French)
  • The job description
  • The COE that has been approved by the Labour Division with a salary exceeding Rs. 30,000
  • A medical certificate issued by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the business registration card of the company
  • Evidence that the job vacancy and the number of employees required were advertised in at least two newspapers in A5 format

Additional documents may be requested in the case of foreign employees who are recruited in sectors such as bakery, education, tourism, Freeport, offshore, and construction.

 Good to know:

It is possible to use the E-WORK Permit Platform, which has been set up by the authorities. It allows the applicant to complete the application process for:

  • The work permit or the exemption certificate
  • An In-Principle Approval
  • An authorisation of recruitment
  • Processing fees
  • Follow-up of the application on request

 Useful links :

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Work permit portal – E-Work Permit

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