Steps to be taken once settled in Mauritius


Once the residence permit is granted, it is highly recommended to register with your country’s embassy or consulate in Mauritius.

Consular registration

Please note that British and South African nationals are not obliged to proceed with such registration as the British High Commission and South High Commission work in direct collaboration with the Board of Investment (BoI). Thus, British and South African nationals have to communicate any change of their status to the BoI, who will then notify the respective Commission.

Register to vote

The consular of some countries allow foreign nationals to register as voters. Foreign nationals are, as such, able to exercise their fundamental right to vote. The voting exercise is carried out at the embassy of the country of origin.

The registration process varies depending on the policies of each country of origin, and expats are therefore advised to contact the embassy of their country of origin for guidance.

Security of foreign nationals

To ensure the safety of foreign nationals, the embassies of various states in Mauritius have implemented security policies regarding their evacuation in times of crisis.

For instance, the British High Commission requires British Nationals to register themselves in case of a crisis. The Commission has also implemented an automatic notification system, which notifies British nationals in case of a crisis, via an email and text message. Registration can be done at the following

 Useful link:

British High Commission

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