Permanent residence in Mauritius


As a foreign worker, you may apply for a permanent resident permit if your salary exceeds 150,000 rupees per month. The permanent residence visa is valid for 10 years.

Note that it is possible to apply for an occupation permit as a retiree. You must submit an official application and make a minimum annual transfer of U.S. $ 50 000 or equivalent to Mauritius for 3 years. If these criteria were met, permanent residence may be granted.

  Good to know:
You can't vote in Mauritius with a permanent resident permit.

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7 years ago

It's important to note that any foreign professional has to reside in Mauritius for at least 3 years before on top of earning at least rs 150k/month. Prior the 3 years foreign nationals can only obtain residence permit. The "permanent" residence permit is a bit misleading since it's not permanent and is only good for 10 years.


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