Registering company branch in kenya


To be able to register a company branch in Kenya, you will need the following:

a)  copies of the directors who shall be involved in the company

b)  all documents involved in the initial registration abroad.

c)  Certified copies of foreign companies memorandum and Articles of Association.

d) Certified copy of the certificate of Incorporation duly certified by a Notary Public.

e) List of documents delivered for registration by a company incorporated outside Kenya

f) List and particulars of the directors and secretary of a company incorporated outside Kenya.

g) List of names and addresses of the persons resident in Kenya authorized to receive service on behalf of a company incorporated outside Kenya.

h) Notice of situation of registered or principal office or change therein of a company incorporated outside Kenya.


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3 years ago

Dear all, For those in need of work pemits here in kenya. Kindly note the following, 1] Register a company with kenya n director. 2]Account opening with a minimum deposit of about 10m. 3] Government costs of approximately kshs.350,000. 4] To achieve this within 2 weeks budget another ksh.250,000. 5] creation of jobs to kenyan youths. 6]Visa fees of 50 dollars only

5 years ago

This is kind of hazy, will like to know more in details as I am interested.


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