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Wondering how to find accommodation in Yamoussoukro? What are the types of accommodation that are available? Find out in this article.

Yamoussoukro is with no doubt one of the most popular expat destinations in Ivory Coast, being its administrative and political capital city. If you are planning to move there, finding accommodation will be one of your key concerns. This should not be complicated as Yamoussoukro hosts a range of housing options for expatriates besides its small cobbled and concrete houses.

Neighborhoods and features

Yamoussoukro is divided into 9 neighborhoods, namely Assabou, Habitat, Dioulako, Kokrenou, Morofe, N’zuessy, 220 Logements, Energie, Quartier Millionnaire or Abla Pokou. Habitat is deemed to be the city center as its hosts a huge market and big shops and boutiques. Quartier Millionnaire, also known as Abla Pokou, is an upscale neighborhood. Most of the city's best hotels are found there.

Yamoussoukro is also considered as being Ivory Coast's safest city. The most popular neighborhoods are regularly controlled by the police in civilian. It is also a significant education hub thanks to the presence of the Institut National Polytechnique and the Lycée Scientifique, among others.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Yamoussoukro generally start as from 75,000 CFA francs and can even reach up to 200,000 CFA francs for the same type of accommodation, for instance, a two to three bedroom non furnished apartment. These tend to rise when it comes to furnished housing units, also depending on the size and other installations which are taken care of by the owner (electricity and water meters).

On the other hand, rent prices also vary from one neighborhood to another. For instance, these are higher in the Quartier Millionnaire is a posh area with a more developed real estate market. You are also likely to find modern and luxurious villas in Yamoussoukro.

Find accommodation

You can start your housing search by browsing classified ads on the Internet. You shall not have much trouble in finding house, apartment and villas, both for long and short term rentals. Moreover, many vacant housing units are available across the city. You can easily identity these by strolling around the different neighborhoods if you are already on the spot.

However, it is best to seek the help of a real estate agency, especially if you are not yet well acquainted with the city. These will help you find accommodation according to your criteria (access to public transport, schools and other amenities). Feel free to inquire on the neighborhood's environment and atmosphere beforehand. As mentioned above, Yamoussoukro is the safest city in the country.

In case you prefer to find long term accommodation after moving to Yamoussoukro, you can opt for a short term rental on your arrival. Check out offers on the Internet. Networking can also help if you have friends or contacts on the spot.

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