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Wondering how to find accommodation in Grand-Bassam? Here is an overview of its rental market.

Grand-Bassam is a rather popular destination in Ivory Coast, especially due to its calm and serene environment. Located at some 43 km from Abidjan, the economic capital city, it attracts tourists in large numbers. As a big beach resort, it provides many accommodation options for foreigners at affordable rates.


Moving to Grand-Bassam has several advantages. First of all, it is easily accessible by various means of transport. It is the ideal place for expatriates who are looking forward to settle in a developed city and close to the sea at the same time. Indeed, Grand-Bassam has turned into a dynamic city over the years thanks to the presence of tourists. It also hosts many hotels and restaurants which greatly contribute to its lively nightlife.

Grand-Bassam also hosts a business center and many other residential and tourism neighborhoods. Most of these are served by the public transport network which is managed by the Union des Transporteurs de Grand-Bassam. Most of these buses, coach buses, mini-buses and taxis commute to Abidjan regularly.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Grand-Bassam generally vary between 150,000 CFA francs and 700,000 CFA francs. Prices can even go up to a million CFA francs according to the type of accommodation chosen, the size and comfort level. Note, moreover, that rent prices in this city are rather lower than those practiced in other major cities such as Abidjan.

Find accommodation

There are two main ways of finding accommodation in Grand-Bassam. You can start by browsing offers on housing websites. Feel free to seek the assistance of real estate agencies as well. These can definitely help your find accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly. If you are already on the spot, your can also tour the different neighborhoods to as to identity available housing units.

As Grand-Bassam is a tourist region, finding short-term accommodation should not be a major issue. Note that in the case of short-term accommodation, online booking right from your home country is also possible.

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