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Looking forward to perform an internship in Egypt? Find out how to proceed in this article.

If you are looking forward to perform an internship in Egypt, you are advised to inquire on relating formalities beforehand. However, many local companies are rather keen about recruiting trainees for long-term internships. So why not try your luck by contacting these to propose your services?

Labor market

The tourism sector remains one of the main activities in Egypt, especially due to the presence of many hotels and local agencies. Companies specializing in information and communication technology also attract students in large numbers. Indeed, many ex-students agree on the fact that performing an internship in Egypt has been an enriching experience, particularly due to the fact that it is significantly different from from the day-to-day European culture.

However, it is recommended that you have some knowledge of Arabic so as to adapt more easily to your working environment, as well as to your everyday life in the country (transport, commerce, etc). But in all cases, English is widely spoken by professionals in Egypt.

Find internship

Finding internship in Egypt is quite particular. Companies operating in the country, whether these are local ones or branches of foreign companies, greatly encourage the recruitment of trainees via exchanges between them and their human resource department. Therefore, you are advised to start by contacting companies by phone or e-mail before sending your job applications.

Spontaneous job applications are also much appreciated in Egypt. As mentioned above, companies operating in the country are rather open towards the recruitment of foreign students, even if these rarely communicate in this regard. But you can still browse offers on the Internet via general and specialized job websites.

Feel free to seek the help of foreign Chambers of Commerce in Egypt as well, or any other foreign institutions. These often advertise current vacancies on their websites.


Formalities relating to the internship in Egypt apply both to the candidate and the company. First of all, you are required to inquire on any visa obligation according to the duration of your internship in the country. Find more information in the article Visas for Egypt. Note that you will not be allowed to perform an internship in the country without a visa, regardless of the type of company you have chosen.

Three copies of the internship agreement issued by your university or higher education institution have to be produced to your employer. You are also required to subscribe to a health, civil and repatriation insurance before traveling to Egypt as it is provided neither by the recruiter nor by Egyptian authorities. All relating documents also have to be produced.

Once these steps have been accomplished, you may have to fill a personal data form. These information will be required for registration to social security in case you are making a long stay in the country.

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