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Finding accommodation in Hurghada is not a difficult task. Find out, in this article, how to proceed.

Despite its population of less than 100,000 inhabitants, Hurghada is a very popular Egyptian city, both with tourists visiting the country and expatriates who are looking forward to work and settle there. Located in the South of the Suez Canal and bordered by the Red Sea, Hurghada is a rather dynamic tourist city.

As the biggest city in the Red Sea region, Hurghada is much appreciated by expatriates, especially for its relaxed atmosphere, as well as the absence of traffic jam due to its small population. Indeed, Hurghada is quite different from Cairo and Alexandria in spite of being one of the top expat destinations in Cairo.


Hurghada consists of three main neighborhoods, namely El-Dahhar, Al-Sakkala and Al-Ahiaa. El-Dahhar is also known as the Old City offering a glimpse of the typical local lifestyle. You are likely to find souks, local shops, a fish market, as well as a large number of Egyptians and tourists.

Al-Sakkala, for its part, is a more tourist city, hosting hotels, restaurants and other commercial infrastructure. It is lively both by day and night thanks to the thousands of travelers dropping by every day.

Finally, Al-Ahia is found along the coastal road and is famous with tourists for its breathtaking scenery.

Rent prices

Despite being a highly tourist city, Hurghada provides a lower cost of living to expatriates compared to other major cities. For instance, you will need an average of 1,000 Egyptian pounds per month to rent a studio in the city outskirts and a bit more if you prefer to live closer to the city-center.

However, bigger housing units tend to be more expensive. Hence, you should expect to pay an average of 1,600 Egyptian pounds per month for a three-bedroom apartment in the outskirts and around 2,500 Egyptian pounds per month for the same type of housing unit in the city-center.

Find accommodation

If you are already well acquainted with the city, you are likely to find accommodation within three days. In general, expats in Hurghada are more likely to choose Al-Sakkala and the Hadaba area due to their proximity with commercial buildings and their lively atmosphere. Consider registering with a real estate agency as well to have more chances of finding accommodation as per your criteria and budget. And why not inquire with building caretakers? Remember to provide them with your contact details.

In all cases, especially if you don't understand Arabic, you will need the help of a local contact or real estate professional. Note that you are less likely to find long-term accommodation in Hurghada due to its tourist cachet. In fact, most ads available online offer vacation rentals. But you can still choose short-term accommodation pending your search for long-term housing.

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