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Looking for accommodation in Sharm el-Sheikh? Find all that you need to know about its rental market in this article.

Stretching over some 15 kilometers only, Sharm el-Sheik is one of the most important Egyptian cities despite its size. Indeed, it is a major tourist resort, tourism being its main economic pillar. Located at the end of the Sinai desert, at crossroads between the Red Sea and the Aqaba Gulf, Sharm el-Sheik is part of the South Sinai governorate.


Sharm el-Sheik comprises several neighborhoods, namely Sharm el-Maya in the South, Hadaba a bit further to its North, Naama Bay and Shark's Bay.

Sharm el-Maya is a very lively area, especially due to its vibrant nightlife. It is famous for its public beach, its restaurants, as well as its port. Hadaba, for its part, is a key residential area which is as popular and lively as Sharm-el-Maya. Hadaba also hosts circus, luxurious hotels and many modern and high standard housing units.

Naama Bay is ideal for pedestrians. By moving there, you will enjoy several shops, hotels, restaurants and many other entertainment venues.

Finally, Shark's Bay is a quite different neighborhood, less lively but currently witnessing several urbanization plans.

Rent prices

Sharm el-Sheikh is known for having a high class population. Hence, rent prices are quite high in its different neighborhoods. You will thus need an average of 1,700 Egyptian pounds per month for a studio in the outskirts. To rent a three-bedroom apartment in the city-center, you will need around 5,100 Egyptian pounds per month. In fact, as elsewhere in the country, rent prices are higher in the city center.

Find accommodation

As a foreigner, you will probably start by looking for accommodation on the Internet. Note, however, that most of the online ads are intended for tourists. But you can still choose short-term rental if you wish to take the time to look for better accommodation according to your criteria. Start by touring the different neighborhoods in order to identity vacant housing units.

Feel free to inquire with the building caretakers, and why not provide them with your contact details so that they can notify you regarding any housing unit? You may also rely on word of mouth if you have friends or contacts on the spot. Otherwise, as it is the case in most major Egyptian cities, registering with a real estate agency will help you find accommodation as per your needs and budget more rapidly.

 Good to know:

If you have been helped by a caretaker or concierge, remember to thank the latter by offering a few notes. In all cases, you will make considerable savings in terms of real estate agency fees.

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