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Planning to relocate in Alexandria? Find, in this article, some tips to guide you through your housing search.

Located in the West of the Nile River, between the between Mareotis Lake and the Pharos Island, Alexandria is one of the major Egyptian cities. It is known to be almost as dynamic as Cairo, the capital city. This is especially why it has been attracting many expatriates since a few years. Indeed, Alexandria provides not only various opportunities but also a range of accommodation and other amenities. So if you intend to settle there, you should not have much trouble in finding the ideal home for you and your family.


Alexandria comprises several neighborhoods, namely Rusdhy, Agami and the Pharaos Street in the city-center. Maarmoura Balad, for its part, is a more popular neighborhood with all social classes. Smouha and Kafr Abdou, on the other hand, are less popular with expatriates.

Rent prices

In all cases, rent prices are lower in Alexandria than in Cairo. For instance, you will need between 1,700 and 3,200 Egyptian pounds per month for a housing unit in this city. Of course, rent prices vary according to the neighborhood and the surface area of the housing unit. For instance, these will be higher in or near the city-center than in the outskirts.

Moreover, furnished housing units are usually more expensive that the unfurnished ones. An apartment which is close to local amenities will also cost you more than in a neighborhood which does not have these.

Find accommodation

Like in most Egyptian cities, you have more chances of finding accommodation via word of mouth, especially if you have friends or contacts on the spot. Therefore, networking will be an important step before you actually move to Egypt. Make sure to inquire on the different neighborhoods as well so as to determine which one will best suit your needs.

If you are not well acquainted with the city, feel free seeking advice and help in choosing your accommodation. Consider registering with a real estate agency which can guide you in finding accommodation according to your criteria and budget, or even hire an individual real estate professional.

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