Living in Egypt guide

Find out all you need to know to relocate and live in Egypt with the expat guide

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General information
  • Egypt is located at crossroads between Northern Africa and Europe. Its recovering economy provides many opportunities to expatriates wishing to move there.

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  • Egypt is a wonderful country with a very much lower crime rate when compared to other nations but crime rates may increase and you should not ignore the associated risks. Recently we used to hear and read about a rising number of reports of muggings, unwanted sexual advances and assaults. We

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Visas, passports and entry requirements
  • Foreign nationals intending to travel to Egypt, whether for a long or short stay, are required to apply for an appropriate visa beforehand.

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Work visas, work permits, working holiday visas and residence permits
  • All foreign nationals looking forward to travel to Egypt or settle there are required to obtain the appropriate visa beforehand.

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Labour market, how to find a job
  • As a major tourist and port city, Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular destination with expatriates. Many professional opportunities are available there.

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  • Famous tourist destination, Aswan is one of the major Egyptian cities. It also attracts many foreign professionals every year.

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  • Although Hurghada is above all a tourist city, it is not difficult for expatriates to find a job there. Many have been there before you.

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  • With a population of over 4 million inhabitants, Alexandria is one of the biggest and most dynamic Egyptian cities, attracting expats in large numbers.

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  • Being the Egyptian capital city and thanks to its great dynamism, Cairo provides many opportunities to foreign professionals wishing to work there.

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How to rent a house or an apartment, leases and rental agreements
  • As one of the major Egyptian cities, Aswan attracts many tourists and expatriates due to its proximity with the Nile River.

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  • Despite being a small city, Sharm el-Sheikh provides a range of accommodation due to the number of expats it attracts every year.

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  • As one of the major Egyptian cities, Hurghada is as popular with tourists as with expatriates wishing to settle there, providing a range of accommodation.

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  • As one of the major Egyptian cities, Alexandria is almost as dynamic as Cairo. However, it provides cheaper accommodation than the capital city.

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  • Cairo, the Egyptian capital city, attracts many expatriates every year, due to its amenities, as well as the range of accommodation it provides.

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Student visa, University registration
  • Over the years, many foreign students, especially coming from African countries have enrolled in the numerous prestigious Egyptian universities.

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Health care

Public and private health systems
  • The Egyptian health care system comprises several public, private and university hospitals. Health care services are therefore very accessible to expats.

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  • Tips for medical emergencies, planning an emergency medical plan. Information about hospitals in Cairo.

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Open and manage a bank account
  • Procedures relating to the opening of a bank account in Egypt can be quite complicated due to strict regulations. Make sure to inquire about these.

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Tax system, income tax
  • There are four main types of taxes in Egypt: personal income tax, corporate income tax and GST. All three of them apply to foreign nationals.

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Train, bus, plane, car rental
  • As the Egyptian capital city, Cairo hosts a wide public transport network which will allow you travel anywhere across the city at affordable rates.

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  • If you are moving to Egypt, you can easily move around the country, whether to work or for leisure, thanks to several means of transport.

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Driver's licence

Driving requirements
  • Before moving to Egypt, it is best to inquire on all conditions relating to driving in case you would like to buy or rent a car.

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moving, formalities and useful tips
  • Relocating to Egypt requires appropriate planning. It is better to hire removal experts who will take care of all related formalities on your behalf.

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Phone line, internet provider, post office
  • Communication in Egypt has never been easier thanks to the presence of several land line, mobile and Internet service providers.

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Sports, leisure and cultural activities
  • Rich in culture and history, Egypt hosts many places of interest which you can explore during your free time, as well as diving spots and nature parks.

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  • Cairo, the Egyptian capital city, holds a rich cultural and historical heritage as portrayed by its architecture, as well as many leisure sites.

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  • Egypt has been deeply marked by ancient times. Today, its inhabitants still enjoy a particular lifestyle which you will discover in this article.

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  • If you are planning to move to Egypt, you may of course travel with your pet, whether it's a cat or a dog, provided you comply with relating conditions.

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  • Because simply the life you change might be your own :)

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