Leisure in Cameroon


Wondering how to keep yourself busy in Cameroon during your leisure time? Here is a list of activities in which you can indulge.

Cameroon is not nicknamed “Mini Africa” for no reason. Whether you are moving or you have just settled there, you are definitely going to like it. Due to its geographical position, Cameroon has not only a rich fauna and flora but also beautiful beaches which you can enjoy during your leisure time. You can also indulge in many other activities such as trekking, depending on the region you live in.

National parks

Nature lovers will simply be amazed by Cameroon's beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. You can visit the Waza Park, the Bouba Ndjidah and the Kalamaloue which stretch over thousands of hectares of land. You are also likely to encounter a wide variety of endemic animal species such as lions, elephants, gorillas, as well as rare birds and ostriches in some regions. Cameroon also hosts many nature reserves with an abundant wildlife.

Beach trips

Cameroon has lovely tropical white and black sand beaches where you can relax, swim, or have a walk. In fact, it is one of Africa's major destinations in terms of tourism for its 400 km of coastline. The country's climate is especially ideal for beach activities and water sports.

Big game fishing is also very popular in Cameroon. In fact, fishing events are held all year long as fish is abundant in its seas.

Mount Cameroon

Before reaching the Cameroonian beaches, you should definitely visit Mount Cameroon which can offer the most stunning natural spectacle to visitors. In fact, your trekking experience through this mountain will be punctuated by beautiful forests, rivers and waterfalls, leading to miles and miles of coastlines.


A trip in Yaoundé is an absolute must for any tourist in Cameroon. In fact, the capital city has a rich historical and cultural heritage which is beautifully described by its unique buildings and monuments.

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