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Discover in this article how to keep yourself busy during your leisure time in Algeria if you are settling there.

If you think you will get bored during your trip to Algeria, you are completely wrong! Located in the Maghreb region, Algeria has a rich culture and history which you can discover and enjoy during your free time, whether after work or during the weekend. The country also has many places of interest, as well as sites which have been recognized as a World Heritage by the UNESCO.

You can as well enjoy football matches, hiking, jogging, swimming, card games and many other activities.


Many young Algerians aspire to become world famous footballers. Therefore, they make the most of every opportunity they are given to play football, whether on the beach or on playgrounds. Moreover, football matches are usually broadcast on TV.

If you like breathtaking adventures, you can go for a walk or hiking in Southern and South-eastern Algeria. The region has a wonderful landscape along with health tracks. Note that you can even hire a guide who will provide a mule to transport your equipment and food.

Finally, swimming and diving in Algerian lagoons will be a delightful experience. Jigel and Bejaia, which are found on the Sapphire coast, are the most popular beaches thanks to their cleanliness and calmness.


If you wish to stay in the urban areas, you can check out forthcoming events on the Internet, especially on expatriate networks. You can as well watch a movie at the cinema hall, attend a concert, go clubbing, visit exhibitions, go to the restaurant or bar, etc. Indeed, there is so much to do in Algeria.


The Algerian calendar is marked by many Islamic festivals. Moreover, locals are very much driven towards the preservation of their culture. You can therefore check out for cultural events on the Internet, in magazines, etc., so as to get acquainted with the local culture.

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