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Before moving to Oran, which is Algeria's second biggest city, here is what you need to know about its economy and labor market.

Located in the north-west of Algeria, Oran is not only the country's second biggest city but also North Africa's major financial, commercial and industrial hubs. It is also deemed to be a port city, located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is not difficult for foreigners to find a job there, provided they have skills and expertise which are not available locally. But before proceeding, it is best to inquire on its labor market's requirements and on the main recruiting sectors.


As mentioned previously, Oran's economy mainly relies on the financial, commercial and industrial sectors. In fact, the city hosts three industrial zones: Arzew, Hassi Ameur and Es Senia. The secondary sector, for its part, is driven by the petrochemical industry, energy, iron and steel industries, as well as production of consumer materials, textiles, food processing, wood and paper, etc.

The tertiary sector, which is currently experiencing a real boom, is in the hands of the private sector. Tourism is another major economic pillar due to high traffic in the region. In fact, Oran's agglomeration includes not less than 15 tourism development zones.

Expatriates in Oran are more likely to be hired in the tourism fields provided they have the required expertise. Jobs are also available in the energy, industrial, engineering and technological fields.

Find a job

As Oran hosts many major companies, you can start by identifying those in which you might be interested. In fact, although these are not head offices, job offers are still available. Hence, consider sending spontaneous job applications. You are also advised to build up a professional network so as to be regularly updated regarding job vacancies and their requirements.

You can also browse job websites, as well as professional social networks on the Internet where you can even post your resume. Potential employers may contact you if they feel you have the right profile.

Finally, you can seek the assistance of foreign Chambers of Commerce in the country. These will gladly put you in touch with local and international companies seeking foreign expertise.

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