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Are you looking for a job in Algiers? Find in this article an overview of its labor market.

Algiers is not only Algeria's capital city but also its economic hub. It is also deemed to be a commercial and financial hub, though not being a huge metropolis. Thanks to its economic stability, Algiers attracts thousands of foreigner professional seeking professional opportunities every year. In fact, the city is very open towards foreign expertise in various fields. Hence, finding a job there should not be a complicated task.

Algiers is also popular with expatriates due to many other conveniences such as foreign embassies, international schools, accommodation, as well as corporate offices, among others.


Algiers’ economy is mainly driven by oil. But you will also find many national and international companies there. The capital city also hosts one of the country's biggest industrial zones, Rouiba-Réghaia, covering some 1000 hectares. This zone hosts nearly 250 companies and 79 public organizations. The private area, for its part, consists of pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Tourism is another important pillar in Algiers thanks to the presence of two huge hotels and two water parks.

 Good to know:

As a foreigner in Algiers, you are more likely to be hired in the oil, industrial, tourism fields, as well by one of the numerous firms operating there. However, you should make sure to have qualifications which are not available locally as the company will have to justify your recruitment rather than a local.

Work schedules

The legal working week in Algiers, like in the rest of the country, consists of 40 working hours. In general, you will start working at 8 am to end around 4.30 pm. Banks usually close around 3 pm, but public services such as civil and marital status office, among others, are open till 6 pm.

Moreover, if you have settled in Algiers, you should be prepared to spend long hours in the streets, especially during peak hours. In fact, some neighborhoods are quite inaccessible by car due to traffic jam. Therefore, it is best to travel by public transport, subway and tramway for instance.

Find a job

You will probably start your job search on the Internet. Check out general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks where you can even post your resume. But to have more chances of finding a job according to your profile, it is best to proceed differently.

Indeed, take the time to search for a list of companies operating across the city. Foreign chambers of commerce in Algiers can help you in this process. Consider sending spontaneous job applications to these companies and getting in touch with these personally.

Finally, word of mouth can also be a helpful search tool if you have friends and contacts on the spot.

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