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To get around Algiers, you can choose from different means of transport. Find out more about these in this article.

Once you have settled in Algiers, you will need to get around the city, whether to go to work, shopping, or simply to visit the capital. Algeria's capital city has a wide transport network which provides various means of transport such as buses, trains, subway, taxis, etc. Traveling thus gets easier as you only have to choose the one which best suits your needs.


Algier's bus network consists of two types of buses: public and private buses. The public bus network mainly depends on the ETUSA, that is the Établissement de Transport Urbain et Suburbain d’Alger. Rates vary as from 20 dinars for each 3.5 km section on urban routes and 30 dinars for the same distance on suburban lines. Note that there are 64 bus lines in Algiers.


To date, Algiers hosts a single subway line which stretches over 9.5 km from the Tafourah - Grande Poste to Hai El Badr. This line consists of 14 trains which are available daily as from 5 am to 11 pm on an average of every 4 minutes. In general, 10 tickets will cost some 400 dinars. You can also purchase the subway-tram ticket which costs 70 dinars.


The tramway network consists of two lines which operate in Eastern Algiers. The first extends from Bordj El Kiffen Tamaris, 7.2 km of line divided into 13 stations. 12 trains serving this stretch daily, from 6 hours to 21 hours at a frequency of 13 minutes. The second line is longer: 9.1 km divided into 14 stations, from Tamaris to Ruisseau. 29 trains are mobilized every 5 minutes.

Cable cars

Algiers’ highest neighborhoods, such as Oued Korriche and Bouzareah, have a cable car network which stretches over 3 km with 58 cars. Each one carry up to 15 people from one end to another within 12 minutes. Note that these are available as from 6 am to 7 pm. The ticket costs 30 dinars.

You can also find the cable car on some other neighborhoods. These stretch over 230 to 420 meters in key neighborhoods. These cabins can carry up to 35 people to places such as the Palace of Culture, El Madania, Our Lady of Africa and the Memorial, for instance.


Just like in most of the country, taxis are easily available in Algiers. You can choose between collective taxis, which are more appropriate during rush hours, and individual taxis if you prefer to travel alone or with your family. In general, taxis are equipped with a meter, but the driver will rarely start it. Therefore, you are advised to negotiate the rate beforehand with him.


Algiers roads are in a good condition. However, you are likely to take some time to adapt with the behavior of local motorists. Many of them seem to have lost the notion of priority over the years and simply ignore road signs! You are advised to be very careful while driving in the capital city, especially since overtaking is allowed both on the right and on the left.

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