The best of Europe: Five blogs for five cities

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What do Dublin, London, The Hague, Parma, and Galicia have in common? — Sorry, all being European cities, even though it is the right guess, doesn’t count. Okay, we will save you the hustle — here it is, they all have good expat bloggers! brings them to you to introduce you to the expat life in the city they have decided to make a home (for now).

The New Dubliner

Dublin rainbow

The New Dubliner is a blog that goes above and beyond how to posts and listings of everything the best. It is a reflection on the ups and downs of expat life in Dublin, and much more — politics, social matters, and personal agonies for example. The author of The New Dubliner, a dual citizen of Italy and the US is first and foremost in love with Europe, then with Europe’s wine, chocolate, and coffee. Another thing you may find that you have in common is a shared passion for Paris. We will leave this blog holding onto the quote by Irish poet W.B. Yeats that we came across in between the posts: “Be not inhospitable to strangers, less they be angels in disguise” — advice that expats will give a special meaning to.

Untold Morsels

london buildings

If you are a curious and unsettled mind, you appreciate good food accompanied by wine, and you want to know more about London from an expat point of view, Untold Morsels will keep you good company. Katy, an Australian expat in the UK, is also a mother of twins, a freelance marketer, and a fun person to be around. In Katy’s blog you will expand your knowledge about other European countries too — she has travelled and shared her stories from ten countries including Denmark, Croatia, Belgium, Portugal, and Switzerland. We particularly like Katy’s reviews and insights of anything cultural — books, music, museums, and art.

Our Italian Journey

cathedral Italy

Are you wondering how living in Italy might be, or have you already moved to Italy, and you want someone to guide you through, so you don’t feel it’s a lonely path? Our Italian Journey is the blog of the expat adventures of an American couple around Italy. What we particularly like about this blog is the uplifting attitude that it carries from the beginning to the end — even though things do not always go the way we want them to, it’s up to us to adapt and make the most of each situation. So, when life hands you lemons, make limoncello!

Homage to BCN

Raval cat Barcelona

There’s so much happening in Barcelona that if you are a newbie in this vibrant city, you risk getting lost — unless you have a good source of information that will help you keep up and enjoy a well-balanced life. Homage to BCN is exactly that — a nicely organised blog where you can find out about where to eat and drink, how to hold a day outdoors, and the small and big everyday stories that the city and its people have to tell.



Lucille, the author of Expitterpattica, is a serial expat, who has lived in six different countries and loves to turn her multicultural experiences into written stories. Currently, she resides in The Hague, but her previous stories from London, Saigon, Bangkok, Istanbul, and Durban have carried along and blended with the new adventures in the Netherlands. In her blog, Lucille shares useful information about travelling with children (she has two) and her life as an independent mind and a strong woman, who strongly resists the label of a trailing spouse (and we love her point).