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Published 11 months ago

If you are considering moving abroad as a woman alone, it, unfortunately, remains the case that some countries are certainly safer than others. Be it due to societal norms or levels of crime against women, certain countries can be more dangerous for a woman travelling by herself. Here are some of the safest destinations for female solo travellers.

Nisha Sawon

Editorial staff


Australia has dynamic cities and beaches that are popular with tourists and expats alike. Its warm climate and unique flora and fauna are fuirther attractions. Female travellers report feeling extremely safe, with the people being helpful and public transport in the city-areas being easy to use. However, if you decide to venture beyond the more urban areas, stay aware of your surroundings and don't stray too far from the beaten path. As is the case no matter where you are, on nights out, keep an eye on your drinks and be vigilant when walking alone at night.


Canada is a vast expanse of a country, with its most northern regions creeping up to the Arctic. On its east coast, cities such as Toronto and Montreal draw travellers from all over, while in the west, cities such as Vancouver, which combine nature and urban sprawl almost seamlessly, have a different type of charm. The country's natural beauty, from glaciers to the Niagra Falls, also have their appeal. Women report feeling very safe, with the atmosphere of the nightlife comparable to that of the United States, but with less concern surrounding date-rape drugs. The natives are also often stereotyped as being some of the most friendly in the world, and many visitors would agree with this.


Croatia has grown into a highly popular tourist destination – in particular, with visitors from Europe. It has a unique culture and history, in addition to alluring beaches and other natural gems. Though not relatively well-known, the cuisine is also highly praised and sharing food is central to the local culture. Though locals may not seem hugely friendly at first, the country itself is quite safe for women travelling alone. However, it is reported that, while it is safe, you may be approached by men if you are dining or enjoying a coffee alone.


As one of the Nordic countries, Denmark is highly reputed for its good quality of living (as well as high cost of living), with a seemingly model society. There is a huge cycling culture, making its capital city, in particular, less plagued with pollutants that affect so many other international cities. Its modern infrastructure and developments sit side by side with its Nordic past, royal castles and well-preserved natural beauty. As one would expect, it is incredibly safe for women to travel alone in Denmark. Public transport is easily navigated and safe, and this applies also to the roads if you are walking around. It should come as no surprise that one of the most peaceful, happiest places in the world is also one of the safest.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an international financial capital that is a Special Administrative Region of China. As such, it offers a different atmosphere to the mainland, with its more liberal society. It is also popular thanks to the diversity of landscape (consisting of both high rises and mountains), diversity of cuisines (with all types of Chinese and international cuisine available) and unique culture. Though women travelling alone find Hong Kong to be quite safe, even while walking in the city at night, it is recommended to dress conservatively and take the usual precautions.


Japan is home to a truly unique culture, with a landscape that ranges from the densely populated urban metropolis of Tokyo to the forests and mountainous regions, such as the famous Mount Fuji. Japanese cuisine has become a common feature around the world, and Japan, of course, has some of the best it has to offer, with the most Michelin-starred city in the world being Tokyo (followed in second by Osaka). Though the country is quite safe, the public transport is notoriously crowded, with women reporting being groped as an issue. Due to the crowding, you should also remain vigilant when it comes to your belongings. Like Hong Kong, it is recommended to dress modestly, in keeping with the local culture.


Switzerland is famed for being a highly developed country with numerous Alpine ski resorts. The country's two largest cities are particularly popular, with Geneva being home to many UN bodies, as well as being international economic centre. Its cities offer a very high quality of life but are also known for having a very high cost of living. Given the highly developed nature of the country, it is to be expected that women find the country a very safe place to travel in.


The island of Taiwan has everything – the hustle and bustle of its capital Taipei, a delicious cuisine which you won't be hard-pressed to find and stunning natural vistas, from mountains to jungle. It also has an interesting history, which one can witness throughout the island, including its former colonial past and its unique indigenous culture. Women regard Taiwan as a safe place to travel, with public transport that is easy to use to get around without knowledge of Mandarin. With businesses open till late, walking alone at night is a less risky affair, though one should still remain vigilant as any visitor to a country should.

United Kingdom

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Though the UK may not have the most appealing hot or cold climate, it remains one of the most popular destinations in the world. It has both rich history and beautiful countryside, in addition to modern, cosmopolitan cities. The country is, in general, very safe for women travelling alone. However, you should be aware that there is a drinking culture if you are out alone at night, and should maintain a heightened level of awareness. Outside of London (in the North) people are quite friendly, and even in London, if approached for assistance, locals will be happy to assist. Travellers also note that, while smaller towns and more rural areas are quite safe, they tend to be far more quiet than larger cities in the evenings.

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