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Misadventures In The Andes

Written by a writer in her mid-twenties living in Quito's historic center. Details about living in Quito, travel tips for Ecuador, photos, and funny tales of misadventures.

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Chuck and Nancy - Retirement in Ecuador

A blog sharing our experiences discovering and relocating to Cuenca, Ecuador.

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Planet Irony

We lived on a boat in Vancouver Canada for 13 years and then we decided to retire in Ecuador. We're either adventuresome or we've got a screw loose. In any case, with the help of our Shih Tzu Fredi, we're making a new life for our selves on the equator.

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The personal screenwriting & songwriting blog of J Roland Kelly meant to discuss his art, living as an expatriate in South America, and independent filmmaking.

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The Expat Journals

NYC to Panama to ongoing glimpse of my life as an expat.

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