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Tropical Treasure Hunter

Adventures of an expat German/Swiss couple living in São Paulo and travelling around.

Living It Brazilian

An Estonian reporting straight from São Paulo, Brazil. Culture shocks, life lessons and tips & tricks guaranteed!

One Game at a Time

About my bicycle journey from San Francisco to Salvador Bahia with Mestre Acordeon and ten more Capoeiristas. I now live in Salvador and continue to write about my experiences in Brazil.

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Babbling Brazilnut

A bit of this, a bit of that. Okay okay, I'm mum to a toddler, living on a farm. I mainly write about that odd things that happen around me here in the middle of nowhere


Adventures of an American Mommy in Brazil

Mechelle Travels

Just an American girl following love around the world and traveling to new places. Current city: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Love Life Logistics

international tele-working mom and diplo-spouse. making things work, one day at a time.

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Finding my own little space

English-Portuguese blog on various topics which cross my mind.

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La Vuelta Al Mundo

This blog is about my travels in Latin America. I studied abroad in El Salvador, have visited Guatemala, and studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. In the archive section you can find entries of these travels. Lately it has been about news concerning Rio de Janeiro and El Salvador. I will soon begin to blog about my move back to Rio.

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Personal blog about travelling, marketing and living abroad.

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American Mind - Espirito Brasileiro

First started while in the US but now it is all my experiences living in Sampa

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A Wiggled Road

My blog describes our adventures living and working in Brazil!

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The Travelling Chopsticks

A travel and food blog with an expat view point!

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In the [concrete] jungle

In both German and English I blog about my everyday live here in Brazil, challenges as a German living here and things to do in and around Sao Paulo.

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American to Amazonian

American women and Brazilian man fall in love have two beautiful children in the USA and then leave everything to move to rural Brazil. No electricity, a wooden shack, and a landscape full of farm animals, its bound to be an exciting story!

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Live Life Brazil

blog for expats new to Brazil, under a Brazilian expat perspective

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Back to The Land in Brazil

Accounts of a woman returning from USA to her parents%u2019 farm in Brazil after several years and starting over. Adventures, new discoveries, old recipes, some heartbreaks, and many lessons.

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The Adventures of Brazilian Bureaucracy

Prior to my permanent move I made several trips to Brazil. Most would call me insane for moving to a country that loves to complicate every aspect of ones life by burying it's citizens in paperwork, outrageous processes and insane taxes on what American's usually pay 1/2 for (or not at all.) I intend to share my experience on this long bureaucratic journey both good and bad in the hopes it helps others.

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