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Thoughts of an expat Canadian designer passionate about photography. Blogging in English + French.

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Melanie, a French-Canadian industrial designer, amateur photographer and now blogger! My husband, our 2 sons and I moved from Quebec City in 2010 to the greater Toronto area. We're now living in California since 2012. My blog is about things we discover, learn or funny anecdotes as an expat with kids and other passions of mine; photography & design.

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Wisdom Wears Neon Pyjamas

A journal of short stories, poetry, anecdotes and travelogues, Wisdom Wears Neon Pyjamas (WWNP) is where creative writing meets humor meets the personification of everyday things. The blog, begun in January 2006 and read in 106 countries around the world, documents amusing conversations, photographs, the great loves of its author OJ’s life, and the darker side of human emotions. It also traces OJ’s journey from a hyper-busy single gal to a calmer hausfrau existence, punctuated by her move across continents (Boston-Bombay-Silicon Valley) and work experiences in the field of early childhood development (howl-shit-puke). WWNP is a sometimes lighthearted, sometimes heartrending look at the stories that lie within and without us.

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Dear Ms Leigh

Adventures of a Yorkshire lass finding her place in Metro Detroit, USA.

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The Glad Blog

Glad to meet you! I'm an expat Brit living in rural America. I recently wrapped up my UK life and headed stateside to live with my husband. I blog about throwing myself into a new country and learning all its foibles. Some of it is personal, some of it is just observations of this large and fascinating country, and often I write about missing life back in good Ol' Blighty. I have a huge passion for what's new and changing in the media, so sometimes this also creeps into my personal blog! I originally started the blog when I had just finished grad school in Scotland. Some of life's curve balls hit me and I ended up not in Brussels or London as I expected, but right here in corn country with a husband and a bulldog. Feel free to comment/ask advice/offer advice about immigration and expattery. It's a tough journey, but I'm glad I'm doing it.

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English Dad in New York

English Dad in New York is a blog about my experiences as a Dad in the City that Never Sleeps. Probably because it too has children. After losing my job I became a stay-at home Dad who had to learn, day-by-day, the ropes of the most demanding but rewarding job in the World. Now back at work, I continue to write about my experiences as an Englishman and as a Dad in New York. But those few months of staying at home with my son Max, have definitely changed my perspective. On what, I have no idea. I just thought it sounded clever.

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Moving to Helsinki, and then... to Boston

Australia, Germany, USA, Finland - and back to the US. We are in Boston right now, exploring the city, New England and the rest of the country.

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The Rebecca Project

I left a comfortable life in Sydney in search of adventure. This is the chronicle of my San Francisco life in progess, and what comes next.

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Life in the Bay

This blog is for spouses who leave their careers and families behind to accompany their partners to study and do research at a University in Northern California. It helps those families to find useful information to get settled, find a job, enjoy their lives and manage their families.

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Transcultural Interzone

I've probably come to that state of bliss, where you know you have ethnical and geographical origins and that's ok, but you also know that your identity is far bigger than them. It's like a nirvana. Something I wouldn't exchange with anything else.

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I am a British expat living close to Washington DC.Together with my husband Jonny, we have three sons aged 20,18 and 12. I began my career as a teacher in London with a special interest in diagnosing and remediating mathematical difficulties. I worked in school administration and created and managed an educational support services department in an International School in Hong Kong. I also have a certificate in counselling skills and have worked as a volunteer coordinator for a Hospice in Maryland. I began writing posts in October 2011, when Jonny, a Head of School was hospitalized in terrible pain with a facial nerve condition called trigeminal neuralgia. I documented our roller coaster journey through Jonny's illness, brain surgery and recovery on a site called Lotsa Helping Hands.I finally understand the medical system and blog about life as an expat wife and mom on my blog which replaced the updates about my husband's health.

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a BLOG about fun things in Boston town… be it arts, films, coffee houses or just a walk along the river.

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Where do we go next?

Welcome to our blog. It is mostly about Boston, about eating Donuts and being affiliated with Harvard, about a toddler growing up between cultures and languages. It is about making the best of our - until now - mobile life style with all its ups and downs.

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A Little Big Apple

A blog about the lil' things in the big apple. Dedicated to new New Yorkers and wanna-be New Yorkers Everywhere. From an Australian living here

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100 Anecdotes

This blog contains mostly travel stories of 100 words or less.

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Expat Alien

Feeling foreign in my own country. Grew up overseas, lived abroad as an adult. My stories of life around the world. And adjusting to being "home".

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Good Hard Working People

I'm a filmmaker, writer, traveler and expat - a German New Yorker splitting her time between Brooklyn and Berlin. On the Good Hard Working blog I recommend the creative endeavors of good hard working people everywhere as well as my own observations about living abroad, my photos and my weekly video series "In A Brooklyn Minute" (aka "In A Berlin Minute").

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Adventures in Mexico

Adventures in Mexico blog Describes the most interesting things to do and experience in Mexico, what places to go while you are here, fun facts, history, adventure tours and more!

A French lady in NC

I'm Nathalie, a french woman, living in Durham NC, with my Hubby, our son Lil'P and 2 feline friends...

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Une Zanatane au Texas

Nouvelles de la famille Franco-Américaine exilée au Texas.

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