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Abundant Adventure

Experiences and observations of a South Australian living in California with some little travels on the side...

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Le blog de Mathilde: Life and travels in the US

I share my experience of living in Boston, in the North-East of USA. Food, travels, cultural differences, I speak about my daily life using texts, pictures and videos.

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Random musings in unfamiliar surroundings. Having plunged head-first into the Wonderful World of America, a European reflects on life in the US.

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An Indian in USA

An outsider trying to divulge an insider%u2019s look to the life in the US of A.

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Sunshine 2 the Square Inch

Come follow my blog adventures! I started blogging as I taught in Korea for a year, traveled and now I'm getting ready to settle back states side for a bit!

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Beyond the Coastline

Husband and Wife, living in Hawaii, trying to figure out what comes next.

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Wandering Pari

The Life and Times of NPARI - me and my views about the life period that we live in.

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Sell your product or Set up a Business in the USA

Gateway to USA * Market feasibility * Market study * Market entry plan * Trade support * Business Incubation * Sales Channels * Partner search * Strategic Alliance * Merger and Aquisiton * Implementing a newco * Get Funded * Supply chain * Sourcing

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Lost In The Pond

From language variation to obscure cultural differences, the United States and the United Kingdom differ in ways most of us aren't even aware. Sure, we all know that Limeys say "football" and Yanks say "soccer", but did you know that the latter term was in fact coined by the British? And just what did cause the two nations to spell and pronounce "alluminium" differently? Of course, our differences are not just confined to our respective employment of the language: national holidays, food and drink, transportation, sport, politics, entertainment, and religion all carry their own national markers. Just what are the facts and figures behind the UK's socialized healthcare system? And why do we drive on opposite sides of the road using either a right-sided or left-sided steering wheel? And just what is spotted dick? As an Englishman living in the US since 2008, I continue to discover and celebrate these differences and, through this blog, I will share these with you and hopefully learn much more along the way myself. So, navigate your way around the site and discover all of the many words, ideas and measuring systems that - possibly during the Pilgrim Fathers' long journey from England - got lost in the pond. Have a nice day, lads and lasses. Laurence Brown

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The Move to America

The journey of getting to be with my husband after years apart. To follow a dream and discover an adventure.

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France Cuisine Chic

de la cuisine, Boston, Paris, des bonnes adresses, des bons plans, restaurants, voyages, mode, boutiques, humeur...

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I Discover America

Born and raised in BY. Moved to USA, LA in 2007. Follow along to learn the lessons, experiences and surprises of life in America from POV of a foreigner.

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Expat Aussie In NJ

I am an Australian expat who wears multiple hats: mother, trailing spouse, marketer and recent blogger. Our travelling circus includes a husband, two children and 1 dog. While our family are a well travelled lot, we are now doing the ‘ultimate’ travel trip: living as expats. Follow our adventures in New Jersey, USA and our relocation trials as first time expats living in a strange land!

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Vysyas Delicious recipes

This is a south Indian blog, mainly designed to explore the hidden recipes of vysyas community people who lives in southern part of India.Most of the recipes are posted with its nutritive values.Recipes are easy to prepare, and it can be prepared with ingredients,readily available in home.Most of the recipes are unique.

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I Heart Running

A Running and Fitness Blog

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Travelers MaDe.In.Earth

blog that gives tips and info about London and NYC, and how to "survive" abroad

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Hungry Tourist

My blog is about travels, cultures, arts, foods, organics, sustainability, and things that I like to share to the world.

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Across The Pond

Greetings All! Welcome to an insight into my immigration journey; from fast paced London living, to a little ol' town near Knoxville, Tennessee. Here's how I tackled Visa applications, immigration officers, saying goodbye to the folks, newlywed life, culture shock and above all that... Here's what I learnt!

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Aussies in Denver

The trials and tribulations of moving half way around the world...

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a blog about making the permanent move from Johannesburg to Spokane WA after marrying my Yanky husband in October 2012

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Blogs of the month: Expats living the American dream

While more and more Americans are tempted to move abroad, the USA still keeps attracting expatriates from all around, including professionals and trailing spouses, for various reasons. Our top five bloggers in the USA share their experience and talk about what the life of an expat looks like in the USA and what they like the most about their new city.

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