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Sketchbook: Mexico City

I am a writer and photographer; my family and I moved to Mexico City two years ago. This blog includes cultural observations and photographs.

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Teaching Sojourn

One teacher's commentary on the various places and schools at which he lives and works.

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On The Road To Patzcuaro

Various stories of daily, weekly, monthly life in and around the Sierra Madre Mountain town of Patzcuaro, Michoacan. Stories include all the stuff that has happened in the last few decades preceding the journey to get here.

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Londoner Abroad

A blog about a travelling Londoner currently living in Mexico, getting very sunburnt.

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Almost Wonderland

A blog about every day experiences of life abroad.

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the cactus, the donkey and the brit

I've tried to create a blog which documents life in Mexico City, and about me growing up and being seen as a 'proper' adult man. There's bits about me conquering mountains, and physical tasks. My year travelling gave me tons of stories and I've started sharing those too - with a post attached to each country i visited for more than 48 hours (there's lots more to come). My true passion is film and I plan on starting a few projects of my own this year, so i've started writing a little about film stuff too.

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A Moving Story: My Expat Experience

I blog about life in Mexico. I'm a first time expat on assignment with my husband, son and dog. Follow me at: for more information. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding moving to Mexico!

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I write about daily experiences on the island of Cozumel......above, and here, you will see a link to my most recent blog as well as access to the archives

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Living in Mexico

Day to Day living in Mexico, riding horses, hiking. Traveling in Mexico

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Mexican at Heart

Personal blog aimed at sharing experiences that one can encounter in Mexico. It is fueled by a passion for Mexico, from a young American womans perspective. The objective is to help others recognize all the positive things Mexico has to offer and to open their mind in contrast to misconceptions that plague Mexico. Mexicana at exhibits the hidden beauty that Mexico encompasses and brings light to the people, sounds, sights, smells, colors, and everything that makes this country truly unique. This blog also strives to be motivation for young people to follow their passion, whatever it may be and wherever it may take them.

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Zihrena's Mexican Garden

Cultivating a healthy body and a robust spirit. A compendium of articles about travel in Mexico, the joys and trials of gardening in the tropics, cultural ponderings, manifestations, insights, and a few healthful recipes from a long-time resident (and now citizen) of Mexico.

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...finding mexico...

A lot has happened since we've been here: we got married, moved into a new apartment, settled into work, got pregnant, bought a car, and finally had our baby boy S in November 2010...! So this blog is dedicated to...finding mexico... What exactly does that mean? I'm not sure myself, but everything fascinates me here - so I suppose stories about daily life, travels, chance encounters, family & friends, mommyhood, city living, learning, and anything I find relevant as I figure it out myself!

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What will I ever do with my life?

A child of a global world. Originally from a tiny European country, currently enjoying the weather in Mexico City

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Midwesterner in Mexico

The life and times of a gringa in Mexico City, as well as travels throughout Mexico!

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La Vida Chilanga

A romp through all that is hilarious and bizarre about Mexico City - from sushi with chile to Mexican slang to unpronounceable street names and out-of-control drivers.

The Free End

Living retired life in Xalapa, Mexico and traveling around the state. I specialize in rich content, including video, audio, still photos, and interactive maps.

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Tales of an Expatriate.....Officialy

This blog isn't particularly well written, or with correct spelling. It simply is an account of my experiences while on assignment in Mexico.

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what would erin do?

met the husby in dc, have a house in utah, an apartment in dallas, gave birth in hong kong, and i live in mexico city.

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Through the Looking Glass

Observations about traditions, foods, customs, language, beliefs, arts, popular culture, flora and occasionally current events. Each post focuses on one topic, relating it to my life in the united states or contrasting it with my preconcieved ideas. It is an exploration of my husband's country and culture, my new looking glass.

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