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Mexico Bound Boomers: Paupers in Paradise

This blog is about our adventures of moving to Puerto Vallarta, starting with the decision and all that it entails and our experiences now that we are here. It is about PV and Mexican culture, but also about marriage and relationships. Check out the She said/He said format

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Antonio Ramblés travels

Culture, history, and cuisine from around the world

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Sparks Mexico Blog

Trips, Trials and Tales of living in Mexico since 2005

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Our Adventure in Chapala

Looking for a potential retirement haven? Our blog details our life in Ajijic since we arrived. It will give you an idea of how we adjusted to being an expat in Mexico

Family Travel Bucket List

A large family of 7 sold almost all of their possessions to move to Central America to immerse themselves in a new culture.

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My Little Puerto Vallarta

Starting my journey as a wife and mother, moving and living in Puerto Vallarta! Here's my opinions, my advice, my life

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Freedom Reigns In This Place

I met and fell in love with a Mexican while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. I am now living here and blogging about my experiences along the way!

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L and B in Puerto Vallarta

A young 20 something couple that moved from Calgary, Canada to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And all the craziness and adventures that come with it!!

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The Vaca Family

I'm an American married to a Mexican and we now live in Guadalajara after living in Puerto Vallarta. This is our family's story.

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Living Barra de Navidad

Living Barra de Navidad surrounded by lavish vegetation, palm trees, exotic flowers, birds, lots of sun, fun and yes ocean. Enjoying Mexican culture,food,people.

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The Accidental Tapatia

Bits of my advice from my experience as a young female expat living in Guadalajara, Mexico. Based on word of mouth recommendations and lessons learned from my own trials and tribulations, short posts will focus on helpful tips for any new folks in town. From refried bean making to urban gardening to trips to the dentist and the immigration office, learning to live here one step at a time.

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Living on Refried Dreams

Living the Vida Loca.... While most "normal" folks would leave Mexico and move north to the promised land, my family and I decided to pack up and start again down south. It's been a wild ride, but at the end of the day, this adventure has brought us closer together.

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A Word From Yelapa

Learn a Spanish word once or twice a week and experience a unique pueblo in Yelapa, Mexico through essays and photos.

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Gwyn's Blog- Un ingles en Guanatos

Blogueo en ingles con un poquito de espanol sobre mi vida nueva en guadalajara, mi ciudad favorita del mundo...

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Jim & Carole's Mexico Adventure

A photojournal of our travels and adventures in Mexico's Western Highlands, and our life in Ajijic at Lake Chapala. Everything from fiestas to wildlife, ancient ruins to life in a Mexican village...and much more.

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Maine to Mexico

Discusses the realities of moving to and living in the Lake Chapala area.

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April's expat blog: Adventures With Pete

We are happy to announce our April’s Blog of The Month, Adventures With Pete by Eve Brickner, a twenty-something American expat in New Zealand. In 2013, Eve met her fiancé, and ever since they have been together on a journey of adventures. However, the biggest of all is living in New Zealand, and Eve blogs about the ups and downs, and the lessons learned throughout.