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The Expat Spouse

Add a cup of fun, stir in some relatable stories, then mix with some helpful tips and information. Now bake for a few months and Voilà have our blog for Expat Spouses.

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Toques & Rockies

A blog about my expat life in Canada. It's very much about all the beautiful things I find here, but also about some of the things that I miss dearly. It's about me and my life and about all the beautiful things around me - and sometimes the not so beautiful things as well, but always honest and chipper.

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Midday Musings

An Aussie discovering new people, places, and purposeful living in beautiful British Columbia.

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Skippy or Bullwinkle

Australians who love to travel North America, while trying to work out life in Canada.

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It's all about the small, extraordinary things in our life! The blog title is based on my book title, based on my experience as coffee shop owner in The NL. My blog is all about our new, extraordinary life here on top of our rock in Maple Ridge. Mixed with some jibber jabber about current issues which drive me nuts! Happy reading!

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Dispatches from the Middle of Nowhere... a.k.a DELIVERANCE, North Holland.

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A Canaussie's tale.

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In Yatta We Trust

The story of a french geek in Vancouver

Metal Monkey

The online diaries of Metal Monkey aka Wulf Ansur

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Balikbayan Box

Staying as a Filipina in a Canadian world.

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