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Caribou Beach

Un blog de photo sur le Canada pour une immigration en douceur.

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Dispatches from the Middle of Nowhere... a.k.a DELIVERANCE, North Holland.

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My name is Diana, and I graduated Medicine University in 1997. I have chosen Family Medicine residency and I became a family doctor specialist after 4 years of stages in hospitals. I worked with children with disabilities but also with adult patients. Later, I became interested occupational medicine and general ultrasound and I studied for my competencies certificates in order to work in these domains. Currently I study for my Master Degree in Mental Health,because in the last couples of years, these mental diseases continue to increase.

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Scallion Rap

Food blog about the differences between British and North American cooking, particularly useful if you are a Brit using a N.Am cookbook or vice versa.

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Life in Chile

Just moved here from Canada and want to blog about my new life here in Quilpue with my 2 dogs and very poor spanish speaking skills. Lots of pictures

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Smart Mommy

My parenting blog

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My Everyday LIFE

Mixed Bag Blog

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Dear England, Love Canada

Nominated Best Travel Blog in Canadian Tourism Commission Travel Awards 2012. Journalist, travel writer, filmmaker and broadcaster Anne Kostalas writes about the differences between living in Britain and living in Canada and pokes fun at both nations as well as herself.

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Tough times never last...

teaching English in Quebec and not only

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An American WhereWolf In Canada

An American father and husband who has just moved from Chicago to Canada as an immigrant and permanent resident shares his experiences in the land of the Great White North.

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The Good Villager

Devoted to responsible international living. Recently lived in China (Hunan and Hainan) and the Yukon in Canada, I blog on rural vs city living, food, culture, farming/food systems, travel and more.

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I Was an Expat Wife

Even though my expat days are over for now, I still have lots to say about expat life!

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Amour de Montreal

Since living in Montreal for a few years, I have the opportunity to see some amazing things. I would to share what I have learned along the way. Such as music, art, theatre, monuments, history and of course food.

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Find a furnished aprtment ?

When I arrived in Montreal, I faced many difficulties to find the apartment of my dreams. This blog is for those who need help to find an appartment in Montreal

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Expatriate Life

Expat family life by a Canadian woman who has lived in Azerbaijan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

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elpadawan ~ in Toronto

bilingual blog of a French expatriate in Toronto

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Blogs of the month: Expats living the American dream

While more and more Americans are tempted to move abroad, the USA still keeps attracting expatriates from all around, including professionals and trailing spouses, for various reasons. Our top five bloggers in the USA share their experience and talk about what the life of an expat looks like in the USA and what they like the most about their new city.