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Just an expat

Tales of an expat and Internet lover lost in the streets of Beirut, trying to survive looking for a decent wifi connection

Discover your Lebanon

I came from the south of France and I discovered Lebanon for the first time in March 2004. I fell in love for this beautiful country. I'm always surprised when I learn that some Lebanese from the north have never gone in the south and vice-versa... So I wanted to break some prejudices with this blog on which I'll upload many photos and videos from all over the Cedars Country. Please Discover YOUR Lebanon !!!

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Gardenias in Beirut

Getting to know Lebanon through the eyes of an expat.

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Mum At Large in Lebanon

Ann is an Australian mum and media producer currently living in Beirut. Mum At Large is about her musings, mishaps, and miscellaneous meanderings as a new expat mum. "Having no idea about how to navigate Beirut City with a baby in tow I thought it fitting to share my personal experiences and open this blog to all mums who are just as baby challenged or can help us remember all the exciting reasons of living abroad."

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American Mom In Beirut Lebanon

American Mom in Beirut is a blogsite dedicated to my experiences as an American mom living in Beirut, Lebanon. I hope to provide interesting commentary as well as insight as to what it is like living in a Middle Eastern country as an American with two children.

Hi there, I'm Mike and I'm a photojournalist working in the Middle East with a base in Lebanon & Saudi Arabia. Currently working on a masters in photography at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio I still work around the world during my downtime. This blog is dedicated to the weird and wonderful of photography and some sprinkles of my own work. If you want to see a more comprehensive collection of my work check out

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Believing in Beirut

The Traveling Teacher is in yet another country on another adventure

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This is not Alberta

Slices of life from a Canadian housewife living in the Middle East

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the ivershen blog

an expat couple constituting of an norwegian iversen and a swedish/chinese shen reflect on their wanderings in beirut and beyond.

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Welcome to the world of a blue eyed girl reinventing life in Beirut.

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Look around you

Observations in the streets of Beirut.

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Beirut Pursuit

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Expat Roaming

Lebanese Letters, experiences of teaching and living in and working at the University of Balamand.

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Beirut Drive-by Shooting

Lebanese are being bombarded in the form of outdoor advertising. Billboards fight for attention. While many cities have beautification and restoration committees, Beirut counts on the creativity of advertisers to add a bit of color and at least temporarily add beauty to crumbling buildings. Here are some of what Lebanese are subjected to on a daily basis. Enjoy or suffer along with us.

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Sietske in Beiroet

A Dutch woman living in Beirut

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all around the world

travels from south america to europe, from the middle east to indonesia

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Travels & Insights: The View from Tyre

I am an journalist, permanent expat and mother trying to figure out that whole work life balance thing while accompanying my humanitarian aid worker husband around the globe with our two “under-five” daughters in tow. Wherever we land, be it Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Afghanistan or Lebanon, I usually manage to land on my feet and find a good social network of locals and foreigners, while taking up interesting consultancy work. While it can be challenging and frustrating, wouldn’t trade the life…This blog is about my travels and about insights into the places I’ve lived. Right now I’m living in the majority Shia sea-side town of Tyre in Southern Lebanon. I’m learning more and more each day about the politics and culture of the country, and especially the South.

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5 of our favourite photoblogs

A picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of reading up about life in your destination of choice, have a look at some of our bloggers who have shared a wealth of photographs to help you discover what life in their country is really like.

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