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Living in Jordan as Expat

This website is about living in Jordan as Foreigner. We (my wife, son, and me) are from Europe and currently living in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Our stay is planned for two years and we are here since October 2016. I will share plenty of information that might be interesting for anybody, who is planning to live and work in Jordan or already residing here. I have already lived in Jordan for one year from 2008 to 2009, so have seen most of the touristic sites and am quite familiar with the country. I am expressing my views as an international expat living and working here, so I am neither a local nor a typical tourist or student, although many things might apply to the other, too. The site is an ongoing project and more content will be added as we go along.


Just a blog I put together to document my experience and give other people moving to Amman and idea of what to expect.

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Middle East Moments

Learning to live in a foreign country with a different language, culture, traditions and way of life certainly has its fair share of challenges both frustrating and funny. Join me in my adventures, laugh and cry with me as I share my new life with you from everyday moments to classic only in the Middle East moments.

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An expat life for us

Our journey through life and the world, teaching as we go, meeting wonderful people and enjoying our time together.

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American Girl in Jordan

This is a story of my family life in Amman Jordan

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I'm a native Californian who now lives in Aqaba with my husband and toddler. It's weird.

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A blog for mommies in Amman!

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A Road in the Road

There are a lot of posts from my travels in the Middle East, but look for the ones tagged "Jordan"!

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From Oz to Underland

A midwestern girl transplanted 6432 miles away in "midwestern" Mideastern country Jordan

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Ol' Big Jim's Place

My blog is heavy on photos. As I travel round the kingdom, I make photos and share them along with a description of the site. From time to time I also post about news and current events.

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images of jordania

pictures fro jordania

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Apricots Today

I'm a wife of an ingenious guy and a mom of two kids who has been transplanted from the Mid-West to the Middle East. We've lived here on and off for 7 years and are still learning new things everyday! I hope you enjoy a chuckle with me and get a picture of the delightful, beautifully different Arab culture that we have the privilege of living in everyday.

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Happy Medium Studios

A blog about my adventures as a photographer in Amman, Jordan.

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The systematic reviewing of Jordan's & the U.A.E.'s bars based on a comparative assessment of their food & beverage menus, decor, service, standards, entertainment, price, etc., or lack thereof. Or rather, a reminder of all the things that make for a great bar.

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Bibs, Babs, Bobs in Amman

Or the story of a small expat family living in Amman. Babs is mummy to Bibs and married to Bobs

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Lucy 'Splains

Growing up in the global generation.

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Bedtime Stories From Jordan

Stories from Jordan is about the journey and adventures our family is experiencing in our new land of Jordan. I plan to keep my family updated with our day to day activites with the use of this blog. I hope that this will keep our family and friends close to our hearts and near to our experiences. I also want to use this blog to inform those who wish to be informed about the country of Jordan and its people.

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As the saying goes ‘where I lay my head is home’. Jordan has been our home for the past year and a half. Having moved from the UK, we have had to adjust to life in Amman. This blog is to help those who venture on a similar path. So why the name ‘wasapninjordan’? Well to cut a long story short I grew up in the East End of London and the people there have a habit of eating words. So ‘What is happening Jordan’ very easily becomes ‘wasapnin jordan’. Hence the name.

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Like Rain in the Desert

The adventures, experiences and observations of an American who headed off to Jordan to teach English for a year.

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Adventures in Philadelphia

This blog is about any and everything that I'm experiencing in Jordan....

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July’s blog of the month: The Fashion Matters

Hadas first left her home country, Israel, to study fashion business in New York. Ever since, she has visited more than 25 countries and has lived as an expat in France and England where she pursued a Master’s degree and is currently planning to get married. Hadas is a genuinely creative person, whose passion for exploring the world and fashion is evident in her three-year-old blog The Fashion Matters  — an endless source of inspiration for stylish travellers.

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