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Sometimes I wander

We move around a bit.

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Unexpected Farmer

Welcome to our mad world! We’re farming by experiment and laughing along the way. Come for the eggs, stay for the life lessons! who would have ever thought farming could be such hard work!

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Eleven Eleven

An extension of my backpacking trip through Europe as I try out teaching english in spain

Tenerife Journal

This is a photo blog showing my surroundings and interests on this beautiful sub tropical island. I have a second bio blog describing my first years in Spain, arriving in Mallorca. It's called "Canarybird's Nest". A link to it is on my Tenerife Journal blog.

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Rockpool in the kitchen

Blog of a not always willing expat granny based on a windswept finca and exchanging looks with volcanoes, when she is nor exchanging looks with her eccentric professor partner. Inbetweenwhiles she rambles, bloggishly, inside and outside her island, online or off it.

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Blog as an Online Guide with photos and own experiences on the canarian islands. Further accomodations, news and much more about the sunny island tenerife.
blog in German.

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This month's expat blog: Write Now Rebekah

Rebekah is an avid traveler and blogger, born in Dublin, Ireland. After growing up with her parents in the UK, she lived in Germany, the Greek Islands, and South Korea. Back to Europe, she met her Spanish husband, and they got married in New Zealand. Today, they live in the Netherlands with their two kids. The author of Write Now Rebekah speaks to about her expat experience and passion for blogging.

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