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Thien Lan's Blog

a French family with two young kids settles down is Oslo after 12 years in Sydney and 11 months in Zürich. Restaurant reviews, parenting, career... there's something new every Thursday for you to enjoy. Bonus: lots of tips and a dash of humour to thank the readers.

Haiku Travel Blog

Exploring Norway 17 syllables at a time. Norway Roving Scholar traveling around Norway taking photos and writing haiku.

The Johansens

Expat, newlywed and expectant mummy, I write a blog about my experience here in Norway, from ice related incidents to lifestyle changes.

Explore Norway

A couple living in Oslo since a few years, travelling all over Norway and writing about it.

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Feel The Feeling.

Writings are about earth, life, nature and many about personal feelings.

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Thuy's peaceful corner

I created the blog to release my thoughts about life, my passions which are definitely for food, creative things%u2026and whatever interesting I see on my path to happiness...

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My blog is about all things I love: sewing, living in Norway, photography, and decoration.

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Northern Angle

Life of a Filipino Migrant in Norway

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Edge of the Arctic

Tales of a Yankee adventurer in Norway

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The Oslo Eye

This blog will help any new expat living in Oslo find companies or services that provide excellent value, i.e. Norwegian schools based on my experiences.

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Tales of a Texpatriate

Adventures of a Texan who moved to Norway for what she thought would b three years, and after 10 1/2 years has finally moved back home. I suppose I am now a recovering expat. It's true what they say: Going home is harder.

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Finding (You In) Neverland

I have always believed in chasing dreams and following my heart. My heart led me to Norway and allowed me to become the mother of an incredible little boy. Now I am an American expat, learning to make it in this little country and great big world while chasing my dreams and, hopefully, teaching my son to do the same. This is our journey. Come join us.

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Polishing Peanuts

Trying to find sense in an often bewildering world.....

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The trials and tribulations (and random rants/musings) of a 24 year old (me!) during the process of moving to Oslo, and now while I'm trying to navigate my way around this new life!

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Irish Nomad in Norway

Irish writer, mother of three and serial expat waxes lyrical on life up north.

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Yogini's Quest

Practice, friends, travel, change, love, pain, passion, motivation, food, ashtanga, ashtanga, ashtanga - my world in my words

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Le coq à la crète noire

All about cross country skiing in the Oslo area. I seriously got the ski bug when I moved here and went over 1500km my first season. My blog shares what I've found.

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Culture Shock

My blog is about my life as an expat in Oslo, Norway. I also feature interviews with expats all over the world.

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Northern Natterings

A Californian in Norway.

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